BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Future of “Double Ending”

BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Future of “Double Ending”

Vancouver, British Columbia – April 14, 2016 –BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang explores the rise and future of “double ending” – the act of representing both the buyer and the seller – in the Vancouver real estate market.

Double ending has been used recently to conduct “shadow-flipping,” a process where realtors use contract assignments to resell homes in order to increase the price and in turn commission. Although the process is not illegal, many people are pointing to its use in predatory real estate practices and a recent advisory group report suggests more control over the practice.

Despite its downsides, there is the possibility that double ending could prove useful and legitimate in certain aspects of real estate, and the advisory group in question is currently in the process of exploring this possibility.

“Real estate licensees are expected to act at all times, solely in their client’s best interest,” said Carolyn Rogers, a member of the advisory group. “It is difficult for most people to understand how this advice and this obligation can coexist with rules that allow a licensee to represent the interests of a buyer and a seller in the same transaction given the inherent conflicts between those parties’ interests.”

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