Am I suitable to be a mortgage broker (sub-mortgage broker)?

Becoming a Mortgage Broker: Why Choose Quick Pass Master?

Those that already have their real estate license and want to become a mortgage broker – or even brokers that simply want to increase their knowledge in areas such as financial accounting, business planning and leadership – must take a course in order to obtain the proper education. Below, our team at Quick Pass Master outlines why you should go with our team in addition to the UBC’s pre-licensing option in order to get the mortgage broker tutorial that you need to start your career on the right foot.

UBC Process

There are no pre-requisite admission requirements when taking UBC’s long-distance mortgage broker program. However, the program is mostly online and normally does not include regular lectures, which makes the learning process more difficult. Being a mortgage broker requires knowledge of complex mortgage calculations and learning these concepts and formulas in an online atmosphere is a difficult task.

The Quick Pass Master’s Advantage

Our instructors are committed to ensuring that our courses provide you with in-depth knowledge of the brokerage world and help create a bridge between theory and practice. We will provide you with real-life scenarios and tutorial that incorporate knowledge from real-world experience, something that is not covered with UBC’s online course.
We list out some of our advantages:

  • Graphic and scenario based tutorial (you save time reading and will understand faster)
  • You can learn in real estate offices (so you can hang out with potential future clients)
  • Multiple instructors and tutors that come with valid certificates, proper teaching skills, and experiences
  • Being able to teach different financial calculators
  • Learn in small group and you gain support from peers
  • Innovative way of tutoring UBC’s assignments

Managing a real estate office or business requires a strong background as a representative as well as an understanding of business operation, including an extensive understanding of:

  • Public protection
  • Business establishment
  • Financial accounting
  • Legal requirements
  • Mortgage math calculation
  • Mortgage products and investment analysis

Our course offers a blended learning approach that will make sure that you get all of the practical and applied knowledge that you need to succeed as a mortgage broker. At Quick Pass Master, our team can ensure that you understand all of the relevant concepts and ideas that are integral to passing your mortgage broker exam. For those interested in giving us a try and becoming a mortgage broker in BC, we offer UBC real estate exam students one free class and offer you opportunities to access to potential clientele.


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