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Get the Language Proficiency Tutoring You Need to Pass the UBC Real Estate Exam from Quick Pass Master

The real estate industry is booming, and there is no better time for people of all ages and backgrounds to start a new career in real estate. Through Quick Pass Master, you can learn everything you need to pass the UBC real estate exam – including passing its language requirements.
Many do not realize this, but demonstrating full proficiency with the English language is necessary to be licensed as a real estate agent or mortgage broker. This is handled through a test called the Language Proficiency Index (LPI), an exam developed by UBC.

Quick Pass Master Can Help You Pass The LPI

There are four sections to the LPI, each focusing on a different English skill:

  • Sentence Structure: Can you identify and correct common structural problems in sentences, such as fragments and run-ons?
  • English Usage: Are you able to properly correct mistakes in sample English sentences, such as improper verb conjugation?
  • Reading Comprehension: Can you read a passage and then correctly answer questions about its content and meaning?
  • Essay Writing: Are you able to write a full argumentative essay in proper English?

The LPI is graded on a scale, from lowest to highest, of Level 1 to Level 6. An L1 grade indicates a near-total lack of English skill, while L6 would indicate advanced college-level language proficiency. To qualify for a real estate license, students must receive a grade of at least L4. An L4 speaker may make occasional mistakes, but still can communicate fluently.

The Benson Wang Quick Pass Master school can make it happen!

We run year-round English tutoring classes to ensure you have all the language skills needed to pass your LPI, as well as the UBC real estate exam itself. Our language classes are welcome to all Quick Pass Master students who want a little help improving their language use.
To learn more about our advanced language tutoring courses, just contact Quick Pass Master for more information.


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