Why Choose Quick Pass Master for A Real Estate Course in the Vancouver Area?

Why Choose Quick Pass Master for A Real Estate Course in the Vancouver Area?

There has probably never been a better time to make a move into the real estate industry.  Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking for a career, or you’re looking to change jobs into something with more growth potential, there’s plenty of room in real estate for new faces!

Of course, you don’t want to spend any more time taking a real estate course than you have to in the Vancouver lower mainland area.  Getting your full license can be extremely time consuming – often taking a year and a half or more at UBC!  Quick Pass Master is here to offer you an alternative real estate course to speed up your licensing process and make things as simple as possible.

Three Reasons to Pick Quick Pass Master Vancouver as Your Real Estate Course School

  1. Materials geared towards rapid understanding

The official class materials at UBC aren’t exactly easy to get through, and even seem like they may have been designed to discourage people from getting their license.  So we created our own curriculum!  Our materials are wholly original, utilizing a “multimedia” philosophy, and summarize the UBC courses into much more easily-digested chunks.

You can bypass large amounts of dry, technical reading while still getting all the key information needed to pass your licensing exams and accelerate at your new profession.

  1. Teachers taken directly from the industry.

Our founder, Benson Wang, is much like a lot of you – he moved into real estate from a different field, and found huge success!  After becoming a VP at his firm in just a few years, he decided he wanted to give back by creating this school.  Besides taking a hands-on approach to the course materials, he also recruited other highly successful real estate professionals to handle the teaching and curriculum development.

You aren’t learning from people who’ve spent their entire lives in academia.  You’ll be learning from actual realtors.

  1. Math and English tutoring included.

Many don’t realize it, but the real estate licensing process involves being tested on your mathematics and English language skills – including both written and spoken English required for the new CELPIP English language testing requirements.  If you’re having trouble with either, we have tutoring available to help you out.

In short, through Quick Pass Master you could complete your UBC classes and take their exams in just a few weeks.  You can cut months off your training time – getting you into the field faster. Contact us to learn more.


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