Don’t Forget That Language Proficiency Is Necessary for Your Real Estate License

Don’t Forget That Language Proficiency Is Necessary for Your Real Estate License

At Quick Pass Master real estate school, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of earning your real estate license in the shortest possible amount of time. Our preparatory classes are designed to condense the information you’ll receive at programs such as at UBC, making it easy to understand and remember.

However, one thing many students don’t realize is that a high level of English proficiency is also needed to get their real estate license! Part of the licensing process involves taking the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) test. Quick Pass Master real estate school can also help you with this vital part of the process!

Let’s take a look.

What Is the LPI Test?

The Language Proficiency Index test was developed by the University of British Columbia as a way of gauging a student’s ability to communicate in English. Taking and performing well on the LPI is a requirement to complete UBC’s real estate licensing program.

The LPI Test has four sections:

  • Sentence Structure – This tests the student’s ability to identify and correct common structural problems in example sentences, such as run-on sentences or misuse of pronouns.
  • English Usage – The student must be able to identify and correct common mistakes in word usage, including use of articles, plural nouns, and utilizing correct verb conjugation.
  • Reading Comprehension – This presents multiple passages the student must read, then be able to correctly answer questions and summarize.
  • Essay Writing – The student must write a proper argumentative essay demonstrating their fluency with the language.

What LPI Scores Are Required to Gain My Real Estate License?

The LPI test is not graded on the typical A-F scale, but instead on a scale from 1-6. A Level 1 student cannot produce writing which can be understood by other English speakers, whereas a Level 6 student displays advanced fluency in the language.

The minimum LPI score required to pass the UBC real estate course is Level 4. And L4 student shows “adequate proficiency” in English, producing written work which is understandable and well-structured, but may still contain a few errors.

How Can Quick Pass Master Help?

The Quick Pass Master real estate school wants to help you pass your real estate license exam! We offer full tutoring for the LPI test for any student who wants to improve their English-language skills.

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