Quick Pass Master Announces a Better Way to Obtain A BC Real Estate License in Vancouver

Quick Pass Master Announces a Better Way to Obtain A BC Real Estate License in Vancouver

October 20, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – As many students have learned, getting a BC real estate license in Vancouver via the official UBC courses is an extremely time-consuming venture that can take a year or more. The Quick Pass Master school wants to change this. By introducing innovative ways of learning the real estate trade, Quick Pass Master empowers their students to pass their exams in as little as a few weeks.

Quick Pass Master utilizes many different techniques to speed up learning, while still guaranteeing that students learn everything needed to get their licenses and become successful realtors after. This includes:

  • High-profile faculty culled from the best in Vancouver real estate, teaching real-world principles alongside textbook learning.
  • Custom-crafted training materials designed to distill thousands of pages of reading into more digestible formats.
  • A mixture of online and in-person teaching materials, to offer a wide variety of formats and opportunities to learn.
  • Tutoring in language and math, to assist with the critical language proficiency and mathematics portions of the realtor exams.
  • A money-back guarantee for students who faithfully complete the course work but still fail their tests.

Quick Pass Master has an extremely high pass rate, and is continually taking on new students. It is a fantastic way to learn the realtor trade – fast!

About the Quick Pass Master School

Quick Pass Master was founded by Benson Wang, who moved into real estate as a second career and quickly found unparalleled success. Within just a few years, he was a VP at the firm he worked for. Rather than simply sitting on his success, however, he decided to open the Quick Pass Master school – helping students just like him obtain their BC real estate license in Vancouver in a faster and easier way. With a pass rate of approximately 95%, Quick Pass Master has shown itself to be an effective way to more quickly obtain a realtor’s license.

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