How Quick Pass Master Can Help You Pass the UBC Realtor Course in Vancouver

How Quick Pass Master Can Help You Pass the UBC Realtor Course in Vancouver

If you’re looking to move into the exciting field of realty, then you undoubtedly know that the only way to get licensed is by taking and completing the UBC real estate course in Vancouver and pass its tests.  Without that, there’s no way to be a licensed realtor in British Columbia.

The problem is, the UBC courses are difficult, and very time-consuming.  In fact, it can take over a year and a half to get your license, if you’re doing things the “official” way.  Of course, there’s an alternative:  The Quick Pass Master realtor course in Vancouver!

Our real estate courses are designed to give you the information you need in the shortest possible amount of time.  That means less time and money spent in training, and a faster track to your new career!

4 Ways the Quick Pass Master Realtor Course in Vancouver Helps You

  1. Top professional staff

The Quick Pass Master faculty is taken from the best in realtors across BC.  We don’t want teachers who only cover theory.  Our staff are all genuine professionals who can give you the tips that other schools aren’t going to cover.

  1. Expedited materials reduce your workload

The official texts and documents needed for the UBC course run into the thousands of pages, and can take months to read all by themselves.  We want to spare you that wasted time.  Our custom-made materials and literature condense the UBC materials down the essentials you need to know.

  1. English and math training is available

Many don’t realize that the official realtor exams include both language proficiency and mathematics portions. If you can’t pass those, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve mastered the actual realty material – you still won’t get your license.  However, Quick Pass Master can help you in all the areas the test covers.

  1. The end result: get your realtor’s license, faster.

A student who does all the coursework at Quick Pass Master without delay could potentially cut their class time down to a month or less, while still having all the information they need to pass their Real Estate Trading exams.  That means you, in the field, getting real-life experience while your peers are still sitting in class.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get your realtor’s license faster with Quick Pass Master!  Contact us to learn more, or to audit a free course!


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