Quick Pass Master Wants to Help Everyone Pass Their UBC Real Estate Exam

Quick Pass Master Wants to Help Everyone Pass Their UBC Real Estate Exam

Quick Pass Master is here to help ensure that you can easily pass your UBC real estate exam and start a great new career in real estate!

Here in British Columbia, the real estate course offered by the UBC’s Sauder School of Business is considered the gold standard, one of the top such programs in North America. They have affiliation with all the major trade associations in the Canadian real estate and mortgage industry, such as the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and the Financial Institutions Commission. Passing a set of UBC real estate courses, as well as the UBC real estate exam, is your ticket to a world of exciting new money-making opportunities.

Pass Your Real Estate Exam Today!

However, given the costs associated with taking the course, everyone wants to make sure they can pass – and the first time! That’s where the Quick Pass Master school comes in.

We can help you understand the UBC real estate course in Vancouver, speed the learning process, and -of course- give you the information you need to pass the UBC real estate exam with flying colors!

How Quick Pass Master Puts You on The Road to Real Estate Success

Despite the UBC real estate course having open tuition and mostly involving onlinevideo materials to review, it can take a lot of time to go through it the traditional way – potentially hundreds of hours or more! Plus, so many of the materials are dry and difficult to understand.

We wanted to make it simple for anyone to jump into real estate if they simply had the determination to do so.

The supplemental courses offered here at the Quick Pass Master school condense down the UBC courses into simple, easily-digested chunks. We use our own materials, including a wide range of original animated videos, specifically to make it easier for you. This is combined with many available in-person classes to help you get an even better understanding of the material, faster.

How fast? Some Quick Pass Master students have gotten all the information they need to pass the UBC real estate exam in less than a month! Of course, you have a full year to complete our courses – YOU decide how quickly you work through the materials.

So, if real estate sounds like the career for you, connect with Quick Pass Master and ask about attending a free class!



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