Am I suitable to be a rental property manager?

Becoming a Rental Property Manager: Why Choose Quick Pass Master?

Rental property mangers are responsible for the rental and operation of real estate properties. Just as is the case with mortgage brokers and real estate agents, becoming one requires proper education, training and licensing. Our team at Quick Pass Master outlines the benefits of our program below and sheds light on why you should consider the advantages of taking the accelerated course to prepare for the UBC exam.

UBC Process

UBC’s course delves into many of the same topics and theory that we do – the difference is in how we offer our material. Our instructors focus on blending textbook knowledge with practical application and ensure that when you leave the classroom you’ll have more than just the ability to pass a multiple choice exam. In addition, UBC’s course typically takes place over the course of one year, giving students plenty of time but lacking the push and motivation that we offer in our program to inspire and motivate our students. Most of all, enjoy doing something you really like and get out there making some money!

The Quick Pass Master’s Advantage

Not only do we offer quality instruction and insightful classes, we do so at a more condensed and efficient pace than UBC. Once completing our course, you will have what it takes to pass the licensing exam for rental property management and be on your way to managing your client’s rental properties. Getting your career off on the right foot, with the right education is essential to make sure that you set yourself up for success.

We list out some of all course advantages:

  • Graphic and scenario based tutorial (you save time reading and will understand faster)
  • You can learn in real estate offices (so you can hang out with potential future clients)
  • Multiple instructors and tutors that come with valid certificates, proper teaching skills, and experiences
  • Learn in small group and you gain support from peers
  • Multiple classrooms and flexible schedules
  • Innovative way of tutoring UBC’s assignments

For a unique blend of real-world experience and textbook knowledge, our course is an ideal choice that can ensure that you get your license in a timeframe that no other program offers. At Quick Pass Master, our team can aid you on the tough journey to passing your rental property manager exam. For those interested in giving us a try and becoming a rental property manager in BC, we offer UBC real estate exam students one free class and have a guarantee to pass program.


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