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Real Estate Exam Tutoring Program – Benson Wang

Benson Wang’s Real Estate Exam Tutorial Program Is a Quick &Sure-Fire Way to Guarantee You Receive Your BC Real Estate License

Although it is possible for anybody to enroll in Benson Wang’s tutorial course (even if they are not currently enrolled in the UBC real estate program), it is first necessary to meet the Government’s educational requirements. One of the easiest ways to satisfy these requirements is to register for UBC’s pre-licensing course which has no special educational prerequisite other than UBC’s minimum English Language Proficiency requirement continue reading.

This program is ideal for students who have a shorter bracket of time to pass their courses and need a higher certainty that they will pass this time around. The regular program spans the course of 7 to 8 weeks and covers Chapters 1 through 26 in the textbook; however, Benson Wang also offers an accelerated program that can be finished in only 3-4 weeks. Moreover, once a student is signed up at Benson’s real estate school, they can go to any of the scheduled classes within 1 year after registration until they pass the UBC real estate exam.

The entire program costs a minimum of $838.00 and guarantees that students will finish their UBC real estate program with flying colours as long as they follow Benson Wang’s strict guidelines:

  1. Students need to attend each class as well as the 4 hour review
  2. Students need to finish all of their assignments on their own
  3. Students need to complete all mock assignments and achieve a grade over 80%
  4. Students need to answer all of the 1000 questions assigned to them
  5. Students need to book and take the exam

If all of these rules are followed than students can expect to pass the test with a 90% average. Student who do not pass the UBC real estate exam on their first try within their 3 months of enrollment are guaranteed their money back.

At Benson Wang, we hope to help you pass your real estate exam of the first try. This is why students are given a comprehensive chapter by chapter explanation of everything they will need to know. There is a very low percentage of students pass their UBC real estate exam on the first try without the proper tutoring, so in order to ensure success Benson Wang recommends that all UBC real estate students try one free class and see the difference extra help makes.


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