1. 介紹考牌程序, 考牌資格, 考牌英文要求, 考試內容跟重要訊息
2. 如何開創房產事業, 如何開發客戶, 新人如何起步, 及其他細節(收入, 預算等等)
3. Benson Wang王海的考牌系統如何一年能讓數百個華人一次考過
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Real Estate & Mortgage Schedule Blended (For Mandarin speaking students in Vancouver 此溫哥華班專教華人, 中英文班)
8594 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada / Time: 6:30PM~8:30PM / Every Monday & Wednesday


Date Real Estate Content Mortgage Content
1st class on 九月九號
(5 classes) 
Ch1: Fundamentals of Law
Ch3: Estates & Interests in Land
Ch4: Title Registration in BC
Ch5: Professional Liability
Ch8: Financial Statements
Ch10: The Law of Contract Ch6
Ch15: Mortgage Law Ch7
2 classes Ch13,14: Mort Finance, Interest Rate Analysis, Constant Payment Ch9.10
2 classes Ch16: Mortgage Yield and Cost Analysis Ch11
1 class Ch17: Mortgage Underwriting and Borrower Qualification Ch12
2 Classes Ch20 Building Design & Construction Ch15
Ch21,22,23: Appraisal Ch16,17,18
Ch24: Statement of Adjustment & Completion of Sale

Ch25,26: Developing a marketing program & Technology

Ch20, Ch21,23


Ch2: Real Estate Services Act
Ch6: Residential & Commercial Tenancy Act
Ch7: Strata, Condominium & Co-Operative
Ch9: Professional Ethics
Ch11: BC Real Estate Contract
Ch18: Local Government
Ch 19: Property Tax of BC
To be announced Ch2: The Mortgage Brokers Act
Ch 13: Management of Individual Loans
Ch14: Mortgage Loan Repayment and Refinancing Options
Ch19: Fundamentals of Investment Analysis

Real Estate Training Vancouver

#205 – 644 SW Marine Dr