Choose the Quick Pass Master Real Estate School in North Surrey Pass Your UBC Real Estate Exams Faster!

Are you tired of your current career? Are you looking to move into an industry that’s booming, with almost unlimited opportunities for success? If so, then it might be time to attend the Quick Pass Master in North Surrey, and put yourself on the fast track to success in the British Columbia real estate market.

Our courses are designed to supplement the materials offered by UBC, and speed up the process of passing your UBC real estate exam. How quickly could you do it? In as little as three to four weeks!

Quick Pass Master Is Focused on Speeding Up Your Real Estate Licensing

  • Attending the UBC real estate school the traditional way takes months, with huge stacks of books to read and long, dry lectures to attend. We wanted to make that process faster, better, and easier. With our super-accelerated courses, you can cut hundreds of hours off your study time while still learning everything you need to know.
  • Our founder, Benson Wang, has assembled a team of some of the best real estate experts in British Columbia. Together, they’ve put together materials designed to condense everything you need to know. Our mixture of original study guides, videos, animations, and in-person classes are designed to appeal to many learning styles at once, and help guarantee* your success on the UBC real estate exam.

Need Help with Your English?  Not A Problem!

We want to see as many people as possible succeed in our real estate school, including ESL students. We offer every class in both English and Chinese. Additionally, we offer English tutoring as part of our lessons, so that you can easily pass the English proficiency portion of your real estate exams.  

Choose Quick Pass Master for Rapid Success

No matter your age, background, or previous profession, Quick Pass Master can fast-track you to a great new career in real estate. Contact us today to learn more, or to sit in on a free class session!

*Quick Pass real estate program students are guaranteed to pass their exams, given performance conditions are met, or receive a 100% money back refund.

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