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The fee for the real estate agent includes the following:

  1. Approx 2 months of lecture tutoring (fun illustration, activities, and practice )
  2. Once registered, you may attend any of the classrooms until you pass the exam within one year, provided that there are enough seats. Schedule is subject to change without notification.  New classes start EVERY MONTH!
  3. My exclusive handouts (about 150~200 printed pages)
  4. My re-organized 1000 question book
  5. Tutoring for the 20 assignments
  6. Several versions of Mock Exams
  7. BONUS: 4 additional hours to answer all your exam questions
  8. BONUS: Real Estate and Mortgage Career Support
  9. BONUS: from time to time we host seminars about real estate marketing, mortgage insurance, real estate investment, or the secrets of success disclosed by TOP Real Estate Agents , at NO additional costs.   



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