6:30PM to 8:30PM, Monday on February 2, 2015, 房產/貸款/物業管理考牌免費就業講座 Unit 205, 644 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver
1. 介紹考牌程序, 考牌資格, 考牌英文要求, 考試內容跟重要訊息
2. 如何開創房產事業, 如何開發客戶, 新人如何起步, 及其他細節(收入, 預算等等)
3. Benson Wang王海的考牌系統如何一年能讓數百個華人一次考過
February 4, 2015 星期三6:30PM 開始教第一章 – 法律的基礎
If there is no mortgage broker, then we start from chapter 1, 2, 3……. all the way till the end. 
If there is any mortgage broker, then we start from chapter 1, 3, 4,5,8,…. until all chapters are done.
This is the last Benson’s Real Estate Program in Vancouver taught in English in year 2014.  
Because most of the students are Manadrin speaking, in year 2015, the courses in Vancouver will be held in Mandarin.  In year 2015, we may change our Vancouver location to Granville and 70 th ave.  Please wait for new announcement. 因為Benson的學生大部分都講普通話, 2015年起, 溫哥華班改為地產中文班.   
Benson Wang’s Real Estate Tutorial School specializes in helping Mandarin speaking students (Mostly Chinese and Taiwanese). Benson currently offers the course in English in Burnaby only. If you prefer an instructor who primarily teaches English speaking students, then please contact Benson’s affiliated partner GOBC Real Estate School.




Real Estate & Mortgage Schedule Blended (For Mandarin speaking students in Vancouver 此溫哥華班專教華人, 中英文班) 

#205-644 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada / Time: 6:30PM~8:30PM / Every Monday & Wednesday


Real Estate Content

Mortgage Content

1st class on Feb 2 (5 classes)

Ch1: Fundamentals of Law

Ch3: Estates & Interests in Land

Ch4: Title Registration in BC

Ch5: Professional Liability

Ch8: Financial Statements

Ch10: The Law of Contract


Ch15: Mortgage Law


2 classes

Ch13,14: Mort Finance, Interest Rate Analysis, Constant Payment


2 classes

Ch16: Mortgage Yield and Cost Analysis


1 class

Ch17: Mortgage Underwriting and Borrower Qualification


2 classes

Ch20 Building Design & Construction


Ch21,22,23: Appraisal


Ch24: Statement of Adjustment & Completion of Sale

Ch25,26: Developing a marketing program & Technology

Ch20, Ch21,23


Ch2: Real Estate Services Act


Ch6: Residential & Commercial Tenancy Act

Ch7: Strata, Condominium & Co-Operative

Ch9: Professional Ethics

Ch11: BC Real Estate Contract

Ch18: Local Government

Ch 19: Property Tax of BC

To be announced


Ch2: The Mortgage Brokers Act

Ch 13: Management of Individual Loans

Ch14: Mortgage Loan Repayment and Refinancing Options

Ch19: Fundamentals of Investment Analysis



Vancouver Real Estate & Mortgage Classroom Picture

我們可能會在三月份把教室搬到70th 夾 Granville

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