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Fast Track Tutorial Program

Benson Wang Prepares University of British Columbia Students for the Real World with Tutorials Designed to help them finish their Real Estate Courses & Pass their Exams Faster

Since 2011, Benson Wang has helped over 800 students enrolled at the University of British Columbia pass their real estate, mortgage, and rental property management classes. With a pass rate of over 90% for all real estate licensing or mortgage pre-licensing students, Benson Wang has gained an unparalleled reputation as the go-to tutorial school for students in the UBC real estate program.

Benson Wang guarantees that students will pass their real estate courses and exams on their first try as long as they keep their noses to the grindstone (or their textbooks), work hard, and follow all of Benson Wang's guidelines for success. Benson Wang knows what it takes to pass the UBC real estate license exam because he has taken it himself. In addition, Benson Wang has also been a real estate agent since 2010 and is one of the few agents to possess both a real estate and mortgage license.

Students who live in the neighbouring areas of Richmond, Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Burnaby who are currently enrolled in the UBC real estate program, mortgage broker program, or rental manager program can benefit greatly from Benson Wang’s 3 unique tutorial classes.

The Real Estate Program

If you are interested in showing homes to clients, finding properties for buyers, and continually learning about real estate market trends then it is highly likely that you are enrolled in the UBC real estate program. Benson Wang’s real estate tutorial program is designed specifically for students who want to become real estate agents upon graduation from the UBC program.

This course covers all of the material that may be on the UBC real estate exam and students who sign up for the Benson Wang real estate program are guaranteed to pass their exams, given performance conditions are met, or receive a 100% money back refund.

The Mortgage Broker Program

The mortgage broker tutorial program at Benson Wang teaches students much of the same material that they would expect to learn at the real estate tutorial program with a stronger emphasis on mortgage law.

Like real estate agents, mortgage brokers work with clients who are looking to purchase a home, but focus their attention on finding the best interest rates instead of the most desirable properties. As with the real estate tutorial, students who follow all of Benson Wang’s guidelines are guaranteed a passing grade or their money back.

The Rental Property Management Program

Students who are more interested in passing their rental property manager exam can benefit greatly from Benson Wang’s specifically designed fast track program.

On a daily basis, a rental property manager can find themselves performing a wide range of functions including trading services, collecting rent or security deposits, or managing properties on behalf of the owner. The rental property manager course offered at Benson Wang teaches students all they need to know to be prepared for the future and pass their exams.

If you are interested in guaranteeing your future as a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, or a rental property manager contact Benson Wang today to learn more.

5 Ways to Take Benson Wang’s Real Estate Tutorial Courses!

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Have Your BC Real Estate License? Now It’s Time to Advance Your Career

Getting a BC real estate license is just the first step towards a successful real estate career – after this, you must build your reputation, a process that is multifaceted and influenced by many different factors. For those that want to know the next steps, or anyone already in the midst of their career looking for some tips on moving forward, our experts at Benson Wang have outlined some of the best ones in our article below.

BC Real Estate License: ‘Double Ending’ Ban and Penalties

If you have your BC real estate license, you’re going to need to focus on the relevant trends in the industry and one as of recently is “shadow-flipping,” a process that involves realtors using contract assignments to increase commissions by reselling the same house over and over in order to benefit themselves. The process hinges on “double ending,” whereby realtors represent both the buyer and the seller.


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