FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Every day, more people decide to take a real estate course in Vancouver and become real estate agents. Are you also thinking of switching careers? If so, you might want to look at some of the most common questions people ask!

Licensing to be a Real Estate Agent

Q: What schools are certified to provide real estate pre-licensing courses in Greater Vancouver?

The only certified location in the Vancouver, lower mainland area is the Sauder School of Business in University of British Columbia. Other schools exist to help prepare you for the real estate course, but you must pass UBC’s program to become a Real Estate Agent in British Columbia, except certain exemptions.

Q: What are the requirements to qualify?

To receive a real estate license in Greater Vancouver or in British Columbia, Canada, generally, you must:

  • Be at least 19 years old, and
  • Be of good character / reputation, and
  • Be legally eligible to work in British Columbia, and
  • Satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement: CELPIP-G or University Degree where English is the primary language of instruction, and
  • Complete the UBC courses and pass the final exam

Q: Can someone with a criminal record get a real estate license?

All applicants will have to submit to a criminal background check and are also expected to disclose any convictions as part of the application process. Having a criminal record does not necessarily prevent real estate licensing. We recommend that you verify with the Regulator, Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

However, many classes of crimes – such as financial fraud – may be used to declare an applicant unfit to receive a license.

Q: Do I need to choose a real estate brokerage?

Yes! To be a licensed real estate agent, you will need to choose a brokerage to work with, and one which is willing to have you. This brokerage will be responsible to train you and supervise your licensing activities.

You will want to make time to visit and talk with brokerages in the area.

Not sure which ones to pick? Contact Quick Pass Master.

Q: Can I also become a real estate broker(managing broker)?

Not at first. (Being a real estate managing broker is different from being an agent.) You have to have at least two years’ recent experience as a real estate agent and complete a separate broker’s licensing course at UBC Sauder.

Q: How can I speed up the licensing process?

Quick Pass Master was founded to help students pass the pre-licensing exam (test) quickly. We have helped thousands of students since 2011 with hundreds of testimonials. to provide all the information you need to quickly master the UBC materials and get your license sooner. Contact us to learn more!

Real Estate Exam Help With Quick Pass Master

Q: What is Quick Pass Master?

Quick Pass Master provides tutorial programs that help you prepare for the UBC real estate pre-licensing exams, so you can pass as quickly as in a few weeks.

The UBC real estate pre-licensing exams are tough because of the large volume in knowledge you have to learn, and the complexity of the concepts. You are expected to self-study and learn from textbooks with hundreds of pages on a broad range of topics. The exam questions are very tricky. Not many students can self-study to pass the exam on their own within 800 hours of studying.

The Quick Pass Master tutorial programs help you pass the exam on the first try and save you months of studying. Many of our students pass the exams in less than 200 hours of preparation and save hundreds of hours. Many students find the exams much easier after enrolling in our programs.

Q: How Does Quick Pass Master Make the Exam Easier?

Studying for the pre-licensing exam is hard because you will spend hundreds of hours deciphering complicated materials by yourself. Then after spending months reading the textbook, it is very easy to get confused and soon forget what you just learned.

Quick Pass Master offers a comprehensive program that saves you hundreds of hours of study time and frustration and you pass in the following ways:

Helpful Instructors

  • In-class lectures that is interactive, engaging, and fun.
  • The instructor answers your questions and clears up any confusion during and after the class, so you won’t be left confused.
  • After class Q&A sessions. Generally, our instructors stay after each class to answer your exam questions free of charge of 15 minutes.

High Quality Study Materials

  • Study aids that explain concepts in pictures, drawings, animation, charts, and diagrams that make things easy to remember.
  • Study materials show you what to focus on for the exam and how to apply the knowledge for exam questions.
  • A multi-function study guide that contains exam statistics, special categorization of current sample exam questions, custom-made mock questions

Online Learning to Fit Your Schedule

  • Online learning with pre-recorded video lectures
  • Virtual classrooms that enable you to interact with the teacher and classmates and enabling you to ask questions during lectures.

Exam Preparation

  • Assisting you with multiple-choice assignments and written assignments, if any.
  • Online mock exam that can change option orders, and can randomly pick practice questions from our database.

Q: What kind of instructor help do I get?

In each class, the instructor will answer any questions you have to make sure you understand the course material. We want to make sure you leave the classroom with a good understanding of the course material.

In addition, many of our instructors are still practicing agents, who can connect you with potential employers, brokerages, and even potential clients (sellers, buyers, landlords, borrowers).

Q: What is the Quick Pass Master Class Format?

Generally, we hold two classes a week, and spend two to three hours for each class. Every class we will go through one to two chapters. The entire course at Quick Pass Master takes two to three months. The exact number of class depends on the curriculum of the pre-licensing exam.

You can view our schedule calendar here.

We also had students that were in a rush and managed to finish the whole program and pass the exam in less than one week.

At the end of the course, we will host one final exam overview to refresh and sum up all the most important concepts in each chapter, and an in-class mock practice exam.

Lessons are held in Burnaby and Richmond:

  • Burnaby: close to Brentwood Town Center and metrotown. Easily accessible by driving or Sky Train.
  • Richmond: close to Richmond Auto Mall
  • For address and parking instructions, please go to our contact page.

Q: What is the Pass Guarantee?

For certain courses, we offer a “Pass Guarantee”, where if you do not end up passing the licensing exam within 1 year, we will refund the Quick Pass Master tuition fee.

The Pass Guarantee means Quick Pass Master will provide a full refund to you if you do not pass your pre-licensing exam within a year, provided that:

  • You have taken the school’s full program and did not miss any lesson (approx. 18~22 lessons and 1 final review), and
  • You are able to achieve at least 90% accuracy on both the examination study guide and course workbook prior to taking the exam (please email us your accuracy percentage prior to UBC’s exam), and
  • You can achieve an accuracy of 90% of any 50 sample exam questions chosen by the school, and
  • You have booked and tried the exam within one year of the guarantee policy.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept cash, debit card, credit card, interac e-transfer, IOT and WeChat Pay. We make the process very simple in three steps.

  • Sign a student agreement.
  • Submit payment either in person or online.
  • Pick up tutorial materials in person or receive online.

Q: Can I sample a class / take a demo class to see if the teaching style suits me?

Yes! You can always come and try out a class first for free before committing. There is zero obligation and no pressure to buy and it is completely free. By coming to the demo class, you can get a firsthand experience of our instructor and the difference our program makes for you.

Contact us and let us know you want to join for a demo class. Our friendly staff can set you up for the next demo class.

Q: How much is the fee?

  • To enroll in our programs, the fee may range from $0 (FREE)~$650~$799~$1200~$2000~$38000. Please contact our staff for the up-to-date pricing.
  • Tutorial fee can be sponsored by our affiliated partners, so at the end of the day, your tutorial fee can be FREE (up to 100% reimbursement by our affiliated brokerages or team leaders)
  • We also offer membership programs that allow you to attend our classes for as many times as you want for one year. We also provide a pass-or-money-back-guarantee (conditions apply).