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Mortgage Exam Sample Questions

Sample One: Mortgage Concept Question Lender A has 15 year amortization period while Lender B has 20 year amortization period, assuming all other factors are all the same, which one below is correct? A. Each monthly payment A will be bigger than payment B B. The Annual percentage rate are

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We are Hiring for a Online Instructor!

We are hiring! Send us a resume if you are interested. If you know some who might, please pass this along to them! Online Instructor for BC Real Estate Licensing Classes (English) Quick Pass Master is looking for a part-time BC Real Estate Pre-Licencing Instructor. The classes are taught online live

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A Day in the Life of a Strata Property Manager

A Strata Property Manager is often mistaken for a property manager or real estate agent, but their role is quite different. Perhaps this confusion arises as some people are not familiar with the term Strata Property. So, let’s have a quick look at exactly what Strata Property is, and this

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Top Pointers for Passing the UBC Real Estate Agent Exam

Each January, new questions are added to the UBC Real Estate exam question bank. January also marks the beginning of a new edition of the required textbook for the exam. These new questions in conjunction with the latest textbook edition unveiled in January mean that little time is given to

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The Day in the Life of a General Contractor

  We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the housing markets in the past 5 years. One of the biggest beneficiaries of strong housing demand is the construction industry. Residential builders and general contractors definitely had a windfall and made a good amount of money from strong housing demand. So

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Meet Benson Wang, Founder

Quick Pass Master is founded by Benson Wang – a true entrepreneur. Being a new immigrant with very little resources, Benson built his real estate ventures through years of hard work and determination. Benson started his career as a real estate agent and eventually founded Quick Pass Master in 2011 to help others pass the BC real estate licensing exams. Today, Benson is an award winning real estate agent who has also helped thousands of students pass their licensing exams.