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The Day in the Life of a General Contractor

  We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the housing markets in the past 5 years. One of the biggest beneficiaries of strong housing demand is the construction industry. Residential builders and general contractors definitely had a windfall and made a good amount of money from strong housing demand. So what does a general contractor […]

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What Types of Projects Do General Contractors Do?

One of the greatest benefits of a career as a general contractor is the diversity of work projects. General contractors bid on a variety of different builds and renovation jobs, enabling them to apply their skills to an array of unique construction-related tasks. The daily challenge of working on differing projects helps to maintain interest […]

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UBC Examination – Sample Math Question

Bruce signs a contract of purchase and sale with Sandy to buy her home for $200,000. The completion and adjustment date is set at November 15th. It is NOT a leap year. The commission payable is 3% of the selling price. Bruce has made a deposit of $3,000 which has passed to Bruce’s lawyer to […]

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Should I Pursue a Career as a Mortgage Broker in BC?

People often associate a career in real estate with real estate agents. Job seekers often times overlook the possibility of being a mortgage broker. A career in mortgage brokering offers many perks, including financial security and upside through incentive pay.  Will a Career in Mortgage Brokerage Provide Financial Security? With today’s economy being touted as […]

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