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What is a Typical Day in the Life of a Mortgage Broker?

Many people wonder precisely what a mortgage broker in British Columbia does on a daily basis. Being a mortgage broker offers the opportunity to earn an excellent income coupled with the flexibility of enjoying the benefits of self-employment. A career as a mortgage broker may be the dream job you are looking for. Many stereotypes […]

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What Types of Projects Do General Contractors Do?

One of the greatest benefits of a career as a general contractor is the diversity of work projects. General contractors bid on a variety of different builds and renovation jobs, enabling them to apply their skills to an array of unique construction-related tasks. The daily challenge of working on differing projects helps to maintain interest […]

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UBC Examination – Sample Math Question

Bruce signs a contract of purchase and sale with Sandy to buy her home for $200,000. The completion and adjustment date is set at November 15th. It is NOT a leap year. The commission payable is 3% of the selling price. Bruce has made a deposit of $3,000 which has passed to Bruce’s lawyer to […]

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Sample Sub-Mortgage Broker Pre-Licensing Exam Questions

To give you an idea of what the sub-mortgage broker exam is like, here are two sample questions. At Quick Pass Master, we get straight into the concepts. With our clear explanation, you will not get confused and will understand the underlying reasoning quickly and effortlessly. Question 1: UBC Mortgage Examination Law Question Sample George […]

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Should I Pursue a Career as a Mortgage Broker in BC?

People often associate a career in real estate with real estate agents. Job seekers often times overlook the possibility of being a mortgage broker. A career in mortgage brokering offers many perks, including financial security and upside through incentive pay.  Will a Career in Mortgage Brokerage Provide Financial Security? With today’s economy being touted as […]

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Benefits and Requirements of Being a Mortgage Broker

What are the Advantages of Pursuing a Career as a Mortgage Broker? A career as a mortgage broker can be highly rewarding, but the path to becoming one is often fraught with challenges. An intense course of study, the commitment to achieving this important designation involves a serious investment of both time and money. However, […]

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