FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Are there any requirements for the exam?
Yes, you must meet the minimum English requirements such as one of the followings:
  •  have graduated from High School or equivalency 
  • graduated from recognized University or College
  • have taken and completed recognized English course thats Acadamy level (3 credit course)
  • have passed LPI level 4.  For LPI, please go visit http://www.lpitest.ca/

Also, you must complete all the assignments and book the exam within the required time.

2. What is the passing rate?
The passing rate of Benson Wang’s real estate or mortgage pre-licensing students is over 90%.  In 2012 from Jan 01 to April 27, to Benson’s best knowlege, the passing rate is approxmiately 95% with average marks of over 80%.
3. Can I just attend one class to see how it feels?
Yes, first class is FREE to attend.  However, you will not be able to obtain the early registration discount if you choose to attend one class for free.  Currently our students are very satisfed with the teaching because Benson Wang has made it very easy and very clear.
4. How much is the fee?
To browse the payment option, please click here.
4. Are you part of UBC?
No, my quick-pass tutorial service is sepearate from UBC.  You must register at the UBC.
5. Do you have any guarantee?


We guarantee you to pass or 100% money back on the following conditions:

1. you take all my classes and the 4 hour course overview

And 2. finish all assignments on your own

And 3. finish all my mock exams with over 80%

And 4. finish all 1000 questions

And 5. you book and take the exam

And 6. if you do not pass the exam on your first try within 3 months of enrollment of my course,

Then, we give 100% money back!

6. Refund policy
Same as FAQ 5.  If you meet the condition as described in FAQ 5, we will give 100% money back.  Otherwise, there is no refund.  However, you can take my tutorial courses for one year with no addional fees.
7. How do I register UBC’s real estate trading services licensing course (Real Estate Pre-licensing Course)?
To register, please watch this walkthrough video.
8. How do I login to the student page for the UBC Sauder School of Business – Real Estate, Mortgage, or Rental Property Management Licensing Course?
9. How do I submit UBC’s real estate assignments online?
10. If my English is very bad, what should I do?  如果我的英文非常差, 怎麼辦?

訂房地產考試之前, 您一定要滿足UBC的最低英文要求, 如果您需要英文的寫作輔導 (LPI輔導), 請聯繫大溫非常資深的LPI導師簡教授

http://www.professorchien.net/    (604) 275-9857


11. Where do I submit my English proof?


Cell: 778-686-8555

Email: c7786868555@gmail.com


3 B-7100 River Rd, Richmond,
BC V6X 1X5