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BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Provides Education That Lasts

Vancouver, British Columbia – May 18, 2016 – With many people taking a shot at their BC real estate license and the rise in shady practices such as “shadow flipping,” some experts are worried about the state of real estate education and the risk that it poses […]

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BC Real Estate License: ‘Double Ending’ Ban and Penalties

If you have your BC real estate license, you’re going to need to focus on the relevant trends in the industry and one as of recently is “shadow-flipping,” a process that involves realtors using contract assignments to increase commissions by reselling the same house over and over […]

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BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Future of “Double Ending”

Vancouver, British Columbia – April 14, 2016 –BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang explores the rise and future of “double ending” – the act of representing both the buyer and the seller – in the Vancouver real estate market. Double ending has been used recently […]

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