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Mortgage Exam Sample Questions

Sample One: Mortgage Concept Question Lender A has 15 year amortization period while Lender B has 20 year amortization period, assuming all other factors are all the same, which one below is correct? A. Each monthly payment A will be bigger than payment B B. The Annual percentage rate are

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What is a Typical Day in the Life of a Mortgage Broker?

Many people wonder precisely what a mortgage broker in British Columbia does on a daily basis. Being a mortgage broker offers the opportunity to earn an excellent income coupled with the flexibility of enjoying the benefits of self-employment. A career as a mortgage broker may be the dream job you

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Should I Pursue a Career as a Mortgage Broker in BC?

People often associate a career in real estate with real estate agents. Job seekers often times overlook the possibility of being a mortgage broker. A career in mortgage brokering offers many perks, including financial security and upside through incentive pay. Will a Career in Mortgage Brokerage Provide Financial Security? With

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Benefits and Requirements of Being a Mortgage Broker

What are the Advantages of Pursuing a Career as a Mortgage Broker? A career as a mortgage broker can be highly rewarding, but the path to becoming one is often fraught with challenges. An intense course of study, the commitment to achieving this important designation involves a serious investment of

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How to Become A Mortgage Broker in BC Fast in 2020?

Article Updated on May 5, 2020 Are you interested in becoming part of the booming real estate market, but don’t want the stress of being a realtor? If so, becoming a mortgage broker might be the perfect career change – and by taking online real estate courses in BC, you

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Answering Your Questions About Being A Mortgage Broker in BC

There are a variety of job roles available to you in real estate if you decide to take online real estate courses in BC. You can become a realtor, of course, but there are also other options – such as becoming a mortgage broker. Being a mortgage broker is a

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Meet Benson Wang, Founder

Quick Pass Master is founded by Benson Wang – a true entrepreneur. Being a new immigrant with very little resources, Benson built his real estate ventures through years of hard work and determination. Benson started his career as a real estate agent and eventually founded Quick Pass Master in 2011 to help others pass the BC real estate licensing exams. Today, Benson is an award winning real estate agent who has also helped thousands of students pass their licensing exams.