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经纪/贷款/租赁/Strata/Managing Borker/建商 地产培训课程齐全 导师实战经验丰富 华人学员上千 高分学员上百 通过率达95% 喜出满分学员 免费就业讲座 免费在线答疑 免费私人订制 免费课程助理 精美全彩讲义 课程化繁为简 多种语言授课 新型媒体教学 无数销售巨星、多名地产讲师均毕业于本校 合作雇主众多 成功就业率极高 选择地产考牌速过专家 帮您省心省力省时省钱 考牌热线:7786868555 微信:ubc_tutuor   […]

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Great Tips When Studying for The UBC Real Estate Course

If you’re taking the official UBC real estate course in Vancouver, so you can become a real estate agent in British Columbia, you know the course is not easy.  It’s difficult, and plenty of people fail the class every year.  You want to utilize smart studying habits if you’re going to succeed quickly and economically! […]

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You’ve Gotten Your Real Estate License in BC – Now What?

For many people, getting their BC real estate license in Vancouver is one of the proudest and most important days of their lives.  Becoming a real estate agent means a new beginning, a new opportunity to improve the lives of yourself and your family in a field that’s booming! However, getting your real estate license […]

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Three Hot Tips for Improving Your Real Estate Business In BC

Once you’ve completed your online real estate course in BC, and passed your courses to become a licensed real estate agent, your real estate journey has only just begun!  The first few years are often the hardest for a new real estate agent when you’re constantly struggling to find new business and/or find a position […]

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