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Great Tips When Studying for The UBC Real Estate Course

If you’re taking the official UBC real estate course in Vancouver, so you can become a real estate agent in British Columbia, you know the course is not easy. It’s difficult, and plenty of people fail the class every year. You want to utilize smart studying habits if you’re going

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How Worried Should You Be Over Your Vancouver Real Estate Exam?

If you want to become a real estate agent in Vancouver, there’s really only one major obstacle in your way: the official Vancouver real estate course, provided by UBC, and the exam at the end. As things currently stand, UBC is the only school allowed to teach real estate in

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Do You Know All the Benefits of Taking A Real Estate Course In BC?

There are more reasons than ever before to take a real estate course in BC! Plenty of people across the province are getting their BC real estate license and moving into the fast-paced and lucrative world of property sales. However, even if you aren’t planning on making the jump to

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Get Your BC Real Estate License in Surrey Fast with Quick Pass Master

People across British Columbia are changing careers into real estate, and it’s hardly a surprise. The BC real estate market continues to be projected for growth and there’s plenty of money to be made for self-starters who can jump into realty feet-first. Once they get their BC real estate license

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Meet Benson Wang, Founder

Quick Pass Master is founded by Benson Wang – a true entrepreneur. Being a new immigrant with very little resources, Benson built his real estate ventures through years of hard work and determination. Benson started his career as a real estate agent and eventually founded Quick Pass Master in 2011 to help others pass the BC real estate licensing exams. Today, Benson is an award winning real estate agent who has also helped thousands of students pass their licensing exams.