Get the Help You Need Passing Your Real Estate License Exam in Burnaby From Quick Pass Master!

Every day, more and more people in Burnaby are entering an exciting -and highly lucrative- new career in real estate… and you can be one of them! At Quick Pass Master, we can help you pass your real estate license exam with flying colors and in far less time than it takes to attend the traditional UBC courses.

Our super-accelerated learning program is designed to provide you with the information you need, through materials created for easy learning – faster!

Quick Pass Master Is Founded and Staffed by The Best

  • Quick Pass Master was founded by Benson Wang. Just like you, he moved into real estate from another career and found his calling. In just a few short years, he found himself ranked as one of the top sellers at his firm, and even named a Vice-President!
  • He decided to help others achieve that same success, and cultivated a faculty from some of the best real estate agents in British Columbia. Together, we put together course materials that allow you to pass your real estate license exam in as little as three or four weeks!
  • Our classes are designed to fit your schedule. With a variety of in-person and online teaching, and open enrollment throughout the year, we’re here to bring you the help you need no matter how much -or how little- time you must devote each week. And with a full year to pass your courses, success is guaranteed*!

ESL Students Are Welcome at Quick Pass Master Burnaby

All our courses are available in both English and Chinese languages, so we can help the most possible people achieve their real estate dream. We also offer English tutoring, to help you pass the required language proficiency tests.

There’s a world of real estate deals to be made out there, and at Quick Pass Master you can achieve your dreams of success faster. Contact us today to learn more about passing your real estate license exam, or to schedule a free class!

*Quick Pass real estate program students are guaranteed to pass their exams, given performance conditions are met, or receive a 100% money back refund.


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