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Quick Pass Master’s BC Real Estate Strata Course helps students pass the exam to be a licensed Strata Property Manager in British Columbia. A career as a Strata Property Manager often means a stable and lucrative income. Strata management is a critical service where demand only increases due to the number of new condominiums and strata properties built every year. There are many job opportunities as a strat property manager both working in a strata larger management company or starting out on your own. Many people have achieved a six figure income as a Strata Property Manager in Vancouver. 

New builds are expected to continue to be strong in Vancouver. We expect the demand for strata property management to be strong for many years to come. Are you ready for a career that can propel your income into the six digit territory? 

Why Do You Need to Pass the UBC Strata Property Manager Exam?

Completion of the UBC Strata Management Licensing Course and passing the exam is mandatory to be a licensed Strata Property Manager in BC. With the license, you can provide the following services:

  • Collection of property management fees, collection of Special Levy
  • Reimbursement to a third party on behalf of Strata Corporation
  • Representing Strata Corporation on bylaw and Rules
  • Maintenance and repairs arrangement for the common property
  • Other functions (consult with us on career paths of other successful candidates)

How Do We Help You Pass the UBC Exam?

The UBC Real Estate Strata exam is notoriously difficult. Many students fail to pass on their first try or even give up mid way through the course. Our course offering at Quick Pass Master will prepare you for the exam and help you pass with less effort and time. 

Here’s how we do it: 

Enhanced Course Notes & Study Materials
Detailed Walk-through By Online Video
Mock Exam & Final Exam Review Session
Instructor If You Are Stuck

Strata Property Manager Online Video Class

  • Format: Pre-recorded video courses, covering all chapters
  • Extra Assistance: Access to instructor through phone, Zoom video conference, email by appointment
  • Final Exam Review:
    • Review conducted through or Pre-recorded Overview Videos
    • Online Final Mock Exam to simulate real exam
  • Online membership Duration: 6 months (students can finish all chapters in less than 3 months)
  • Price:
    • $900 for all course videos + final exam review + extra assistance
    • $200 for course handout + final exam review handout
    • $140 for final exam review video
    • For Registrations Click Here

Chapter Overview

The BC Real Estate Strata Course contains 27 chapters as follows:

1 – Fundamental of Laws 
2 – Real Estate Services Act
3 – Professional Ethics
4 – Estates & Interest in Land
5 – Subdivision of Land
6 – Professional Liability
7 – Intro Residential and commercial
8 – Law of Contract
9 – Strata Management Contracts
10 – Law of Agency
11 – Effective Negotiations

12 – Strata Properties and Cooperatives 
13 – Overview of Strata Property Act
14 – Sections
15 – Strata Meetings and Communications
16 – Strata Governance
17 – Protection of Personal Information
18 – Building Design and Construction
19 – Controls, Maintenance and Energy

20 – Insurance and Risk Management 
21 – Security, Environmental Protection
22 – Local Government Law
23 – Accounting Fundamentals for Strata
24 – Operating Budget and fund
25 – Contingency Reserve fund
26 – Purchasing
27 – Personnel Management

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Strata Property Management Exam Study Guide For Non-Members

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Strata Property Management Exam Study Guide For Members

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Licensing Process - How to Get the Licence to be a Strata Property Manager

In order to become a Strata Property Manager in British Columbia, you would need to do the following: 

1. Register for the Strata Property Manager from the UBC Sauder School of Business

There are no prerequisite admission requirements to taking the long-distance real estate strata course from the UBC Sauder School of Business. The course is self-study and involves 900 pages of reading and most of the time there are no instructors to help you.

You must also pass the English language proficiency requirement to be able to register for the exam.

2. Pass the Final Exam to Complete the Course

Take a multiple choice exam. You are given 3 hours for the exam and must have answer 70% of the questions to pass. You may choose to take a paper exam held twice or three times a year, or electronic exam, held twice per weekday. 

3. Obtain Criminal Record Check

After you successfully pass your real estate strata course, you will need to obtain a criminal record check and then apply to join a real estate brokerage.

4. Receive Licence to be a Strata Property Manager

Your brokerage will help you apply for the strata management license. The current regulator BCFSA will notify and make a decision to approve your strata license. 



To apply for licensing in British Columbia you must satisfy one of the following employment criteria proving that you are eligible to work in Canada: 

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be of Permanent Resident status
  • Hold a valid work permit / visa
  • Be of Landed Immigrant status 

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