2024 Managing Broker Licensing Course

As a real estate agent striving to achieve next level success, you would typically look into being a managing broker and running your own brokerage and team of real estate agents. To be a managing broker, you are required to pass the Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course by BCFSA.

We know that passing these mandatory exams are a challenge especially for agents with a busy practice. Quick Pass Master offers a Broker’s Licensing Course to help students pass the exam to be a Managing Broker in BC, enabling them to enjoy a very rewarding career as a managing broker and meet their aspirations!

Over the years, Quick Pass Master has achieved 90% passing rate on the managing broker program, many of whom have gone on to have successful real estate careers. 

Why Do You Need to Pass the Managing Broker Exam?

Quick Pass Master’s Broker’s Licensing Course helps students registered at the University of British Columbia’s Business School get their license by passing the exam. The course is mandatory for anyone wanting to be a managing broker.

Successful completion of the Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course is mandatory for anyone wishing to be a licensed real estate agent in BC. 

Once you have successfully passed the broker exams, you can apply to:

  • become an associate broker or managing broker; and
  • license a brokerage or sole proprietorship. 

A managing broker oversees the work of other real estate professionals in the brokerage, offering advice and guidance as required. He or she is in active charge of the business of the brokerage and must provide adequate supervision.

An associate broker is a person who has completed the educational requirements to be a managing broker but is not yet in charge of a brokerage. Such person may upgrade to a managing brokers licence without undertaking further examinations. 

How Do We Help You Pass the UBC Exam?

The Managing Broker Exam is notoriously difficult. Many students fail to pass on their first try or even give up mid way through the course. Our course offering at Quick Pass Master will prepare you for the exam and help you pass with less effort and time. 

Here’s how we do it: 

Enhanced Course Notes & Study Materials
Detailed Walk-through By Online Video
Mock Exam & Final Exam Review Session
Instructor If You Are Stuck

Managing Broker Course Online

  • Course Format:
    • Pre-recorded course videos, covering all 20 chapters
    • PDF summary study notes provided
    • 6-8 hour small group tutorial for written assignments
  • Extra Assistance: Access to instructor through phone, Zoom video conference, email by appointment
  • Final Exam Review: Review conducted through live Online Classes (video conference) with Q&A session
  • Mock practice questions to simulate real exam
  • Duration: Two years membership to repeat all lectures 

Chapter Overview

1 – Fundamental of Laws
2 – The Real Estate Services Act
3 – Licensee Standards and the Brokerage Standards Manual
4 – Professionalism and Ethics
5 – Technology and The Real Estate Office
6 – Business Strategy
7 – Entrepreneurship and The Business Plan
8 – Marketing
9 – Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements
10 – Financial Statement Analysis and the Accountant’s Report
11 – Trust Accounting
12 – Budgeting and Payroll Accounting 

13 – Taxation
14 – Human Resources Overview: Understanding the Employment Relationship
15 – Human Resources Management: Legal Context, Job Analysis, Recruitment, and Selection
16 – Human Resources Management: Training, Appraising, and Motivating Employee Performance
17 – Compensation and Incentive Plans
18 – Management and Leadership
19 – Communication
20 – Risk Management and Brokerage Operations 

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Steps to Become a Managing Broker in British Columbia:

  1. Register for the Managing Broker Course from UBC Sauder of Business


  • Prior to registering for the UBC’s managing broker course, you must have at least six months of licenced service in BC.
  • To apply the broker license, you need to have
    • Two years’ licenced experience in the past five years.
    • Be at least 19 years of age and of “Good Reputation”
    • Determine whether the licence is for a single service licence category or a combination of service categories (ie trading and/or rental and/or strata management services)

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