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Chapter 1 Law Section Lesson Demo - Fundamentals of Law

UBC Real Estate Trading, Mortgage, Rental Management Pre-Licensing Course – Chapter 1 Law Section Demo

This is a section of our Chapter 1 class to give you an idea of our classes.

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UBC Examination – Sample Math Question

Bruce signs a contract of purchase and sale with Sandy to buy her home for $200,000. The completion and adjustment date is set at November 15th. It is NOT a leap year. The commission payable is 3% of the selling price. Bruce has made a

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UBC Examination – Law Question Sample

George bought two units in a ten unit condominium project. Within one week of the completion of this purchase some other condominium owners, the Smithe family, were killed in an accident in the Jacuzzi whirlpool. Mrs. Smithe was the sole survivor of this family. The

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