2024 Mortgage Broker Licensing Course

Quick Pass Master’s BC Mortgage Broker Pre-Licensing Course helps students registered at the University of British Columbia’s Business School get their license by passing the exam. 

A career in mortgage brokering offers many perks, including financial security and upside through incentive pay. There are no shortage of people who have achieved financial success through a fulfilling career in the mortgage brokerage industry.

Why Do You Need to Pass the UBC Mortgage Broker Licensing Exam?

Completion of the BC Mortgage Broker Course and passing the exam is mandatory to be a licensed Mortgage Broker in BC. You must be licensed under the Mortgage Brokers Act to do mortgage brokering in British Columbia. With the mortgage brokerage license, you can provide the following services: 

  • Represent different lenders’ mortgage products,
  • Commercial and Residential mortgage loans,
  • Construction loans, and Other functions 

How Do We Help You Pass the UBC Exam?

The UBC Mortgage Broker licensing exam is notoriously difficult. Many students fail to pass on their first try or even give up mid way through the course. Our course offering at Quick Pass Master will prepare you for the exam and help you pass with less effort and time. 

Here’s how we do it: 

Enhanced Course Notes & Study Materials
Detailed Walk-through By Online Video
Mock Exam & Final Exam Review Session
Instructor If You Are Stuck

Mortgage Broker Licensing Online Video Class

  • Format: Pre-recorded course videos, covering all 21 chapters
  • Live Video Classes: Live video sessions will be held to provide extra instruction and Q&A on select chapters involving complex mathematical calculations (see below)
  • Extra Assistence:Access to instructor through phone, Zoom video conference, email by appointment
  • Final Exam Review:
    • Review conducted through live Online Classes (video conference) with Q&A session
    • Online Final Mock Exam to simulate real exam
  • Format: Online video course
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Price:
  • $650 for all course videos + final exam review + extra assistance

Chapter Overview

The BC Mortgage Broker Licensing Online Course contains 21 chapters as follows:

1 – Title Registration 
2 – Mortgage Broker & Ethics
3 – Estates & Interest in Land
4 – Title Registration & Strata
5 – Pro Liability & Competition Act
6 – Law of Contract
7 – Law of Mortgages
8 – Financial Statement
9 – Intro to Mortgage Finance
10 – Interest Rates and Mortgages

11 – Mortgage Analysis 
12 – Mortgage Underwriting & Qualification
13 – Management of Individual Loans
14 – Mortgage Loan Repayment & Refinance Options
15 – Appraisal
16 – Direct Comparison & Cost Approach
17 – Income Approach

18 – Marketing & Technology 
19 – Negotiate & Alternative Dispute Resolve
20 – From Contract to Completion
21 – Blended Theory

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Mortgage Broker Course

Online pre-recorded videos that take ONLY 35-40 hours to cover all chapters, walk through most important exam questions and quizzes....

Mortgage Broker Handout (Summary Notes) for Non-Member

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Mortgage Broker Final Exam Review Class

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Mortgage Broker Exam Study Guide (Stand-Alone)

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Our exclusive mortgage exam study guide (PDF electronic version) includes: Detailed categorization of the recent exam questions Approx over 170...

Licensing Process - How to Get the Mortgage Broker Licence

In order to become a mortgage broker in British Columbia, University of British Columbia students need to take the following steps: 

1. Register for the Mortgage Broker Course from the UBC Sauder School of Business

Although there are no pre-requisite admission requirements to taking the long-distance mortgage broker course from the UBC Sauder School of Business, there are complicated mortgage calculations that are involved. Moreover, because this mortgage broker course is only available on-line without lectures it may difficult to understand all of the concepts and equations without the proper help. This is why Benson Wang recommends that students work with BC Real Estate Tutors for faster results. During the course you have to complete and submit 20 assignments over a 10 week period. 

2. Pass the Final Exam to Complete the Course

Take a multiple choice exam. You are given 3 hours for the exam and must have answer 65% of the questions to pass. You may choose to take a paper exam held twice a year, or electronic exam, held twice per weekday.

3. Get Hired by a Mortgage Brokerage

After you successfully passed your mortgage course, your journey to becoming a mortgage broker can finally begin. However, before you can apply for a sub-mortgage broker license, the Mortgage Broker Act indicates that you must first seek authorization by a licensed mortgage brokerage. 

4. Apply for a Sub-Mortgage Broker License

Once you have been hired by a mortgage brokerage, the next step is to apply for a sub-mortgage broker license. Generally, you can apply for this license through the website of the BC Financial Institutions Commission. Remember to have your brokerage or the name of your employer on you when you apply as this information will need to be provided on the application. 

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