2023 Builders Licensing Course

To be a licensed builder in British Columbia, you need to pass 8 builder pre-licensing exams. The courses each consists of quizzes, assignments and final exams

Being a licensed builder has been a very lucrative career in British Columbia in the past decade. With consistently strong demand for housing and new construction projects, the markets present a very bright future for those who want to pursue a career as a builder / general contractor. 

Why Do You Need to Pass the Builders Licensing Exam?

Completion of the BC Builders / General Contractor Course and passing all eight final exams are mandatory requirements to be a licensed builder in BC. Completion of the courses and having the builder license will allow you to:

  • Act as a general contractor for residential and commercial projects
  • Buy and develop land, and sell homes
  • Oversee trades on a construction project

Builders Licensing Online Video Class

  • Total Courses: 8
  • Locations: Online Only
  • Format: Online Only – assignment assistance and mock up exam process questions only
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Chapter Overview

Become a licensed builder (General Contractor) in British Columbia, you need to pass 8 builder pre-licensing exams (if you don’t have any prior education relating to the following):

1 – Building Science for new homes 
2 – Construction Law
3 – BC Building Code Part 1
4 – BC Building Code Part 2

5 – Project Management and Site Supervision 
6 – Service and Warranty
7 – Financial Management
8 – Business Planning and Management

Licensing Process

You can register the builder pre-licensing courses and  official exam at CHBA

Please note that before you take the builder exam,  you will need to take the following steps below, generally, those are standard procedure for CHBA builder exams. 

  1. You choose a CHBA course date and pay CHBA the fee
  2. CHBA will mail you the course book for the exam.
  3. CHBA will ask you to do the online assignment and quizzes
  4. CHBA will offer you an online course or a face-to-face lecture
  5. Then you take the builder exam

To pass these courses, the student may need to:

  • Successfully complete the online quizzes and reading materials through any Government approved institutions such as the CHBA(Canadian Home Builders’ Association) BC Education Portal.
  • Submit the assignment(s) to the instructor of CHBA by email, two weeks before the in-class session.
  • Attend the one-day in-class session and successfully pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher.

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General Contractors Builders Licensing Course, Assignment Assistance By Email

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