Pass Your UBC Real Estate Exam in Richmond With Quick Pass Master

Is it time for a career change? Have you decided the time is right to jump into the booming real estate business? If so, the Quick Pass Master real estate school is here to help!

Our Super-Accelerated learning program can help you pass your real estate exam at the University of British Columbia – guaranteed!

Learn from The Best at Quick Pass Master

Our founder, Benson Wang, is an expert real estate agent who has decided to put his skills to work helping Richmond, BC, area students achieve their own dreams of real estate success. After shifting careers into real estate, Mr. Wang quickly rose to prominence at his agency, ultimately rising to a Vice Presidency in just a few years.

Along with Mr. Wang, we have accumulated an extensive list of highly experienced and decorated real estate professionals. At Quick Pass Master, you won’t simply be learning theory. You’ll be learning real world tactics that get actual results, straight from top-earning real estate masters.

Rapid Program, Rapid Results

Quick Pass Master is distinguished by our Super-Accelerated Program. We can prepare you to pass your UBC real estate exam with the regular 8 week course or the intensive in as little as 3-4 weeks! However, don’t worry if you need more time. When you sign up for classes at Quick Pass Master, you can take and re-take them as many times as you need – up to a full year.

Plus, with our many classes spread across two campuses, there are always classes which fit your busy schedule.

English As a Second Language? Not A Problem!

Quick Pass Master offers classes in both English and Chinese. If you need help passing your Language Proficiency Index test, we also offer robust tutoring in English as well. Quick Pass Master is here to guarantee you pass your UBC real estate exam.

Get started today! Contact us and ask about signing up for a free class!


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