Quick Pass Master – Everything You Need to Know About the UBC Real Estate Course in Vancouver

Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent in Vancouver?  Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking for a job or interested in switching careers to one which gives you plenty of personal freedom, it’s a great time to get into real estate!

However, one big thing stands in the way of your new career:  the UBC real estate course in Vancouver.  Currently, the University of British Columbia is the only body authorized to administer the official courses and testing which lead to a real estate license within the province.  The course is famously difficult and tends to see at least one-third dropout/failure rates each year.  

Here at the Quick Pass Master school, we want to see you succeed and become a great real estate agent.  This is what you need to do to start the process – as well as how we can help you go all the way!

Part I – Beginning Your UBC Real Estate Course in Vancouver

So, the first step on your journey is becoming officially registered and enrolled in the Real Estate Division of the Sauder School Of Business at UBC.  Virtually anyone with a high school degree can enroll, even if they aren’t otherwise students of UBC.  

Their licensing course lasts up to one year.  If you take longer than that, you will have to re-enroll and pay for another year of classes.  During that time, you will be expected to complete twenty assignments, and each of those assignments consists of twenty problems or questions based on the assigned course materials.  A grade of 13/20 (65%) on each is required to pass.

This part is what is considered most difficult, because of the sheer bulk of material you are expected to learn.  The reading alone can take weeks or months to get through!  

Part II – What’s on The UBC Real Estate Exam?

Once you’ve completed the coursework, you have to pass the official licensing exam.  Again, the UBC real estate exam is the only official and approved way of qualifying for your initial real estate license.  If you don’t pass their exam, you don’t get your license.  It’s that simple.

The exam itself is multiple choice, with 100 questions, and a three-hour time limit.  Each question is worth one point, and a grade of at least 70/100 is required to pass.  The questions themselves are distributed and weighted to roughly match the material in the coursework itself.  In other words, you can expect around five questions which correlate to each of the twenty assignments done during the coursework.

If you fail the exam, you are required to wait a minimum of ninety days before you are allowed to sit for it again.  Given how long it can take to get through the coursework, this means that failing even once might push you past the one-year limit on passing the course and the exam!

Should you pass, excellent!  You’re on your way to the practical portion of training, done under the tutorage of an actual real estate agency.  However, there is still one more hurdle you have to pass before that happens.

Part III – The English Language Proficiency Requirement

Per laws passed in 2017, all applicants for real estate licenses must be able to pass the English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR), demonstrating their high-level command of the English language.  For native-born English speakers, this is not a problem – but it may be a major obstacle if you are not a native speaker!

The ELPR test, called CELPIP-G, consists of four separate components, covering:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Yes, some portions of this test involve sitting with a proctor who assesses your ability to listen to and speak English.  Other portions are handled like more traditional testing, done on paper, testing your ability to read and write in English.  Each portion is graded on a 12-point scale, and a grade of 7 (indicating above-average language knowledge) is required to pass.  

Without satisfying the ELPR tests, you will not be allowed to receive a real estate license.

  1. How Quick Pass Master Can Help You Get Your Real Estate License – FAST!

Like many of you, our founder – Benson Wang – was working in another career, when he decided to move into real estate.  He quickly found success, rising to be a Vice President within a prominent real estate agency within just a few years!  However, he wasn’t satisfied with growing his own career.  He wanted to help others follow the same path!

So, the result was the Quick Pass Master school, a supplementary prep school designed with a single purpose: streamline the UBC course materials, make them easier to understand, and speed up the student’s learning.

A particularly dedicated student of Quick Pass Master can fully complete our course, and the UBC classwork, in just a few weeks!  Better yet, we have a passing rate on the UBC final exam which is greater than 95%.  Our methodology works, and we can help you get out there making deals faster than other students in your class.

How? There’s no great secret to it.  We have a faculty culled from highly successful agents, brokers, and other figures within Vancouver’s booming real estate agency.  We also have custom-created multimedia materials in our curriculum, all carefully distilling down the official UBC texts into easily-digestible chunks.  We even utilize animations, videos, and other appealing media types to help you learn more quickly!

On top of that, we also offer tutoring services in the two other areas likely to give some students trouble: English proficiency, and mathematics.  Don’t forget that real estate is a math-heavy career!  Many questions on the UBC exam will require you to have strong mathematical skills.   If you are struggling in either math or English, we will help you succeed.

However, there’s no need to simply take our word for it.  If you’re interested in sampling our methodology, we’re happy to let you audit a free class!  Contact us and we’ll give you all the details.