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Courses Offered

We can help you pass these BC Real estate licensing exams: 

This course covers the UBC real estate agent exam required to be a realtor in BC. A licence is required to act as a real estate agent in British Columbia. 

This course covers the UBC mortgage brokerage exam required to be a sub-mortgage broker in BC. Mortgage brokers work with clients to seek for financing for a property. 

Be a licensed property managers in British Columbia. Licensed managers can trade, collect rents and deposits as well manage properties. 

This course covers the licensing exam and 8 courses required to be a licensed builder (general contractor) in British Columbia. 

Looking into running your own real estate brokerage? This course covers the Broker’s Business Planning & Financial Management Licensing Course, a requirement to be licensed to run a brokerage in BC. 

Looking to provide strata management services? This course gets you ready for the strata management licence exam.

How Does Quick Pass Master Help You Pass the UBC Real Estate Exam?

We provide you with effective study tools so you do not need to rely on the 900 page UBC textbook.

UBC Text Book: The Wall of Text


Quick Pass Study Materials: Clear, Concise

The Quick Pass Master Difference

Learn through visuals: charts, tables, diagrams and notes.

Just like the above, 1 page of our notes already covered pages of reading. Saved you an hour of reading. You are welcome. 

Every concept laid out clearly. Spend time learning, not figuring out a textbook.

Focus on studying for the exam, not trying to figure out the textbook. Our notes get straight to the point. 

Our materials are always up-to-date.

Curriculum and test questions change every year. Our course materials are always kept up-to-date so you are studying the right things. 

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