BC Real Estate Trading Course Handouts

Falling asleep when reading the UBC Real Estate Trading Course Textbook?
Quick Pass Course Notes is here to the rescue!

UBC Text Book: The Wall of Text

UBC Real Estate Trading Textbook Example Screenshot

  • Reading time: ~30 minutes over 3 pages
  • Easy to Understand & Memorize? Likely not.
  • Boring to read? Yes.

Quick Pass Course Handouts: Clear, Concise

Real Estate Trading Course Handouts

Screenshot Reading time: Under 5 minutes

You now quickly learned:

  • Commercial & residential tenancy agreement requirements
  • Types of tenancies

Easy to Understand & Memorize? Yes, yes and yes

Boring to Read? Not really!

UBC Text Book

Pages and pages of text. About 800 pages. Looks fun? Probably not.

The UBC textbook is long, hard to understand, boring to read.

Spending too much time trying to understand the textbook, instead of studying.

Many people struggle with the long, confusing textbook. Just trying to understand what it is trying to teach takes a long time. Why not just get straight to studying?

How many hours does it take to read and decipher 800 pages of materials?

Time is money. Every extra hour you are spending on the textbook costs you money. It is also holding back your real estate career. Can you afford to be stalled just because of a textbook?

Quick Pass Trading Course Handouts

Learn through visuals: charts, tables, diagrams and notes.

Just like the above, 1 page of our notes already covered pages of reading. Saved you an hour of reading. You are welcome.

Every concept laid out clearly. Get straight to exam prep, not figuring out a textbook.

Focus on studying for the exam, not trying to figure out the textbook. Our notes get straight to the point.

Study and memorize directly from the course notes.

Save time, save money, maximize your chances for passing. Passing the exam earlier also means you can start your career as a real estate earlier.

Get the Real Estate Trading Course Handouts for Only $180

For only $180, save hundreds of HOURS of reading.

Learn and memorize the entire course from easy to read visuals and course notes. Save time, avoid headache.

This is the same course notes used in our video course, offerred to you at a huge discount. 

Are the Real Estate Course Handouts Right For Me?

Quick Pass Real Estate Trading Course Handouts is perfect for you if:

  • You want to save time without having to figure out 800 pages of text
  • You have trouble understanding the textbook and need assistance
  • You want to save money without purchasing our full video course that comes with instructor guidance.
  • You are a visual learner who prefer to learn through charts, diagrams and tables instead of pages of pages of text

Consider our Online Classes if:

  • You are looking for instructor guidance and attention to help you through the course
  • You are having issues with the chapters that involves math / accounting and want specific guidance in the area.
  • If this is you — consider subscribing to our online classes instead! See below.

Sneek Peak - Real Estate Trading Course Handout - Free Preview (Chapter 1)

If you’re really struggling with the course, do not worry! Try our classes instead:

Real Estate Trading Online Course

  1. Online pre-recorded videos that take ONLY 35—40 hours to cover all chapters, walk through most important exam questions and quizzes.
  2. Online Live sessions held for final exam review (2~3 hours)
  3. Tutoring for all assignments
  4. 6-month membership access to our online platform and support

Real Estate Trading Online Course + Live Math Classes

  1. Everything you get in the Online Course PLUS
  2. 6—8 hours of online live interactive small group classes, extra help on math topics

About Benson - Your Trusted Real Estate Insider

The QPM Exam Study Guide is prepared by Benson Wang. Benson started Quick Pass Master in 2011, which has helped thousands of students pass the BC licensing exams and earned hundreds of 5 star reviews.

  • Benson enjoys teaching, helping others learn and is an award winning real estate agent in British Columbia.
  • Benson built his real estate career through hard work and determination and is passionate about helping others do the same.

Quick Pass Master Testimonials

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Real People, Real Testimonials

Brandon: “Teacher Benson, my score is out. Got 95%

Benson: Congrats on passing UBC trading with 95%. Today is July 11, 2019. You ONLY learned one moth.

Benson: Did you study hard on UBC’s book?

Brandon: Only read 7 / 8 chapters. The rest did not read.

Brandon: I remember my first class was in June.

Beibei: I passed, thank you

Benson: congrats to Beibei on passing UBC’s trading exam. Yesterday was July 26, 2019. Did you read UBC’s thick book carefully?

Beibei: Thank you Benson. Teacher you taught well!

Beibei: Did not read UBC’s thick book at all.

Thousands of Students Passed Their UBC Real Estate Exam With Quick Pass Master.

Do You Really Want to Spend An Extra Thousand Hours Studying?

Get the Real Estate Trading Course Handouts for Only $180

For only $180, hundreds of save HOURS of reading. 

Learn and memorize the entire course from easy to read visuals and course notes. Save time, avoid headache.

This is the same course notes used in our video course, offerred to you at a huge discount.

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