[:en]Vancouver, British Columbia – November 22nd, 2016 – BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang explores the booming real estate market in Vancouver and the effects that the “shadow flipping” technique is having on this landscape.

Last month, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported that housing prices in the greater Vancouver area climbed by more than 20 percent on average in the last year alone, increasing the country’s growth as a whole. This is causing many homes to reach prices unaffordable to those with average incomes, making much of the market inaccessible to them.

To make matters worse, a technique called “shadow flipping,” whereby a home is sold repeatedly in order to increase its price and the real restate agent’s commission, is also becoming used more often, making homes even more unaffordable for many.

Don Campbell, the founder and senior analyst at the Vancouver-based Real Estate Investment Network, claims that shadow flipping occurs wherever there’s a hot market.

“Wherever the market is going down or declining, the practice decreases dramatically,” said Don Campbell, the founder and senior analyst at the Vancouver-based Real Estate Investment Network. “When the market and values are moving so quickly in an upward direction, that’s when people seize these opportunities.”

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