[:en]Make no mistake: Both the BC and national housing markets are booming, and this is a great time for someone to attend a real estate school in Vancouver with the intention of becoming a realtor. However, just because the market is good, that doesn’t mean becoming a realtor is easy. There won’t be plenty of challenges, particularly in your first years after getting your license.

A typical real estate school in Vancouver will focus solely on textbook lessons, and real estate theory. At the Quick Pass Master, we want you to know what you’re getting into so that you’ll be well-prepared for your new career in realty!

Four Things to Know Before Attending Real Estate School in Vancouver

  1. Don’t assume a deal has gone through before it’s truly done.

It’s great when you have a simple real estate deal where the seller and buyer quickly come to an agreement, the bank doesn’t argue over the loan, and all the closing paperwork moves easily. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Real estate deals fall through all the time, sometimes for extremely trivial reasons. You need to be prepared for this.

  1. Networking and politics among other realtors is a must.

Other realtors in your area will simultaneously be your best friends and your worst enemies. Particularly at first, you’ll be relying on them to show you the ropes. They may even help you out. But, of course, they are always your competition. A keen political mind is greatly helpful.

  1. You will probably want a second job at first.

Unless you have substantial cash reserves in the bank, there’s a good chance you’ll have a hard time staying afloat – especially in the first year or two. You are probably going to want a supplemental income source to keep you funded until you can firmly establish yourself.

  1. You will be doing your own marketing.

Whether you fly solo or join up with an existing team, you will be doing the vast majority of your own marketing. And this is absolutely essential! In particular, you will want a strong online presence. Start building those social media contacts today if you want a head start.

Quick Pass Master Gets You Licensed Faster

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