[:en]If you think that the UBC real estate exam in Vancouver only covers topics directly relating to real estate law, think again. The UBC exam is actually very broad, covering a wide range of topics that even include language proficiency and mathematics. Students can easily be unprepared for this, particularly the math portion of the test.

However, mathematics is a significant part of real estate work, so it makes sense that the UBC real estate exam would cover math. Before you take the test, our Quick Pass Master team what to make sure you study up on the following areas to avoiding succumbing to common mistakes:

Three Common Math Mistakes on the UBC Real Estate Exam in Vancouver

  1. Overlooking instructions regarding rounding.

When taking a math test, it’s common for students to skim over the text and focus on the numbers. This can cause big problems on the UBC real estate exam in Vancouver! The questions will often make requests such as “round up to the nearest dollar.” Even if the student does the math work correctly, if they fail to follow the rounding instructions, they will lose points on the question.

  1. Giving the wrong interest rate.

Obviously, being able to correctly calculate interest rates is extremely important in realty – so the UBC test makes sure you know your stuff. It can even try to try you. For example, it might list a loan as having a 7.75% rate, compounded semi-annually… but the question actually wants you to convert this into an effective annual rate. Again, overlooking such details will often lead to failure on the test.

(But then, overlooking such details in real life could lead to the loss of your license!)

  1. Not considering the down payment.

This is one of the favorite “tricks” the UBC test writers like to deploy. In questions regarding the buyer’s costs, they’ll have two “right” answers side-by-side, but with the difference being that one includes the down payment and the other doesn’t. Read the question very carefully to know whether or not the down payment needs to be included in your answer!

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