There’s a worldwide boom in real estate, and here in Vancouver is certainly no exception.  Recent years have seen property values rising higher than ever and for the past few years, enrollment at UBC’s real estate program has been at record highs.  In fact, there are more real estate students here in Vancouver than ever before.

Should you join their ranks and get your own BC real estate license?  There’s never been a better time to move into real estate, and there are plenty of opportunities!

Why You Should Get A BC Real Estate License in Vancouver

  1. Escape your current job

Are you happy with your current job?  Do you have plenty of upward mobility?

If not, real estate could easily be the answer.  With properties around Vancouver and the lower mainland areas often going for millions of dollars, the payout from brokering major sales can be huge.  On top of that, you’d get to largely be your own boss, and spend plenty of time outside the office showing homes and talking to clients.

It could be the perfect cure for an ailing career.

  1. Huge growth potential

One of the best things about being a realtor is that almost any level of success is within reach if you have the talent and drive to realize it.  There’s no ceiling on how far a realtor can go.  With so many properties, firms, and partnerships out there, the sky is truly the limit.

  1. There’s less competition than you might think

Some of you might have seen the number of students taking real estate courses at UBC or accelerated programs and thought, “Well, that means there’s too much competition.”

Not so!

The UBC exam is deliberately difficult.  Its average pass rate is only around 70%.  A lot of those would-be competitors will never even get their license, leaving more room for you to build your own business as a realtor. Particularly if you have Quick Pass Master on your side.

Quick Pass Master Makes It Much Easier To Get A BC Real Estate License in the Vancouver Areas

We have developed our own special curriculum which makes it much quicker and focused to learn all the information you need to pass your UBC exam.  We even offer math and English tutoring in Cantonese to help with those sections of the test.

With a 95% pass rate and guarantee (conditions apply) for our own students, Quick Pass Master a great option for getting your real estate license – fast!  Contact us directly to learn more.