Once you’ve completed your online real estate course in BC, and passed your courses to become a licensed real estate agent, your real estate journey has only just begun!  The first few years are often the hardest for a new real estate agent when you’re constantly struggling to find new business and/or find a position at a growing firm.

At Quick Pass Master, we want to see all our students succeed – both in the classroom, as well as in their professional lives.  So, leveraging the years of experience our faculty has in building real estate businesses, we wanted to pass on some tips for growing your real estate business in BC!

How to Boost Your Revenues from BC Real Estate 

  1. Check prices often.  If possible, make a spreadsheet.

Trends in local real estate prices, either up or down, will always show themselves in the numbers before people start talking about them in terms of trends.  The more data you collect on local prices and their fluctuations, the better your chances of being able to jump at a good opportunity which other realtors are overlooking.

ALWAYS check prices, if not daily, then at least weekly.  If you have the time, start making a spreadsheet tracking prices in your area.  That will give you hard data to rely on, without having to trust others’ numbers.

  1. Do plenty of driving around your area.

Your own eyeballs can often be one of the best trend predictors!  Don’t spend all your time in the office.  Drive around, scouting neighborhoods.  In particular, keep an eye out for construction or other commercial development.  Where shops or services are built, homes will shortly follow.

Of course, the reverse can also be true.  Do you see a neighborhood slowly sliding into disrepair, or where construction projects are started but abandoned?  Stay far away from deals in that neighborhood.

  1. Keep expanding your service radius.

When you start working as a real estate agent, you’ll probably be staying pretty close to home.  However, you should be looking to expand whenever possible.  The more neighborhoods you’re comfortable discussing and showing, the better your opportunities for making sales will be!

Get Your License Fast with An Online Real Estate Course In BC

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