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Do You Know All the Benefits of Taking A Real Estate Course In BC?

There are more reasons than ever before to take a real estate course in BC!

Plenty of people across the province are getting their BC real estate license and moving into the fast-paced and lucrative world of property sales.  However, even if you aren’t planning on making the jump to being a full-time agent, there are still a lot of benefits to getting your real estate license – including a few you might not know about.

So, here are a few “bonus” reasons that getting a real estate license makes sense.

Four Big Benefits to Getting Your Real Estate License In BC!

  • Earn secondary income

You don’t have to become a full-time realtor once you have your license.  You get to choose how much you work, and when.  This makes it an excellent option for people looking for a part-time job, stay-at-home parents, or any other situation where someone wants a work-from-home job that could potentially make big money.

  • Saving on your own home sales or purchases 

Real estate agents can work for themselves, and that means savings whether you’re buying or selling.  Since you’d normally be paying 2-3% (or more) to the realtor handling your sale, that’s pure savings if you can do it all for yourself.  In fact, just a single purchase or sale would probably save you more money than the licensing courses cost!

  • Help out friends, family, coworkers, and others

Want to do someone a huge favor?  Act as their realtor but forego your usual commission.  It really doesn’t take much work or paperwork to push a sale or purchase through, so you wouldn’t be losing that much time – but it would be a huge favor to the person you do it for.  They’d be saving thousands of dollars, at least.  They’d undoubtedly be very grateful and think of you for referrals.

  • Play the housing market with an advantage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a realtor is that you gain access to the MLS – the Multiple Listing Service, a centralized database of all properties for sale.   Newly-listed properties appear on MLS before they appear in any public sources.  So, you would get to see all the best deals before anyone else.

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