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Avoid These Mistakes When Taking the UBC Real Estate Exam in Vancouver

If you want to become a real estate agent here in Vancouver, the only way to do it is by passing the UBC real estate exam.  Presently, UBC is the only school authorized locally to provide this testing, so that’s the hurdle to overcome.  If you pass your tests, you’re a real estate agent.

We do everything we can to prepare our students for the test, but there are still a lot of common mistakes that happen on test day.  If you know them and avoid them, you’ll have a much better chance of passing.

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Sitting for The UBC Real Estate Exam in Vancouver

  1. Not taking practice tests

If you go into the UBC exam cold, you are much more likely to fail.  Fortunately, there are plenty of practice tests available that mimic the structure and format of the exam, even to the point of recreating questions from past years.  If you take a practice test and can pass it without difficulty, you should do fine on the real-world test as well.

  1. Not getting enough rest

Do not try to cram for the UBC real estate exam.  The night before your test should be relaxing, with a good meal and an early bedtime so you’re fully energized and focused on test day.  If you stay up all night cramming, you’ll probably just sabotage yourself.

  1. Overlooking rounding information

The mathematics portion of the UBC real estate exam gives people a lot of trouble, but often this comes down to not reading carefully.  Questions may mention that dollar amounts should be rounded up but will change the amount of the rounding.  Some may want nearest dollar, others want nearest ten dollars.

If you don’t round your answer to match the question, you’ll lose precious exam points!

  1. Not converting interest rates

The other common problem on the math portions involves calculating interest rates.  Very often, the question will present questions about interest rates that require converting the rate from one form to another, such as converting to the effective annual rate.  If you don’t spot the need to convert the interest rate, you’ll fail the question.  Read carefully!

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