When people consider taking a UBC real estate course in Coquitlam, they usually assume that means becoming a real estate agent.  However, there are other options!  Another popular route into the booming real estate market is by becoming a mortgage broker. The content of the course is abbreviated from that of the real estate agent so there is well, less to learn.

A mortgage broker can still make plenty of money since you generally still earn a percentage on the loans you set up, but you don’t have to spend your time chasing sales.  Being a mortgage broker is more of a “let them come to you” profession.

So, that’s even more reason to think about joining an online UBC real estate course alternative for Coquitlam.  You could pick up the licensing needed to have a nicely lucrative side job and pay for the cost of your schooling quickly.  Everything you need to know will be right there in the class!

What You’ll Learn If You Take A Mortgage Broker Course  

  1. The Jargon

Banking is full of specialized jargon and terminology, and you won’t get far if you don’t know how to talk the talk.  Many of the fundamentals in mortgage broker classes boil down to teaching you how to say what you mean, in ways other bankers will understand.

  1. Loan types

There’s more than one kind of mortgage!  In fact, one of the main jobs of a mortgage broker is helping would-be home buyers understand their options, then hooking them up with a mortgage that fits their needs and their budget.

  1. Calculating interest

Of course, interest plays a huge part in being a mortgage broker.  You have to be able to calculate the interest yourself and communicate understanding of it to your clients.  You need plenty of math skills to succeed as a mortgage broker!  (But we offer tutoring in math, too.)

  1. Regulations

There’s probably no industry on the planet more tightly-regulated than the banking and financial sector.  You need to fully understand all the relevant laws and regulations surrounding property purchases and mortgage loans.  Otherwise, you could potentially get your clients -or yourself! – into genuine legal trouble.

Become A Mortgage Broker FAST with Quick Pass Master

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