Five Critical Tips for New Real Estate Agents

So, you’ve just passed your UBC real estate course in Vancouver, aced the test, and now you’re officially a real estate agent… what next? Passing the UBC exam may have been the biggest single barrier between you and the real estate industry, but what happens next is on you. You’ll succeed or fail in your […]

You Won’t Have to Sweat the UBC Real Estate Licensing Exam with These Tips

When it comes to getting a real estate license in British Columbia, nothing is more important than passing the licensing exam. It doesn’t matter how well you did on your Vancouver real estate course – there is only one test, provided by one school, and you either pass it or you don’t. The UBC real […]

The Overlooked Benefits of Having a Real Estate License in Vancouver

Are you looking for a new career? What about simply getting a side job, to earn some extra cash? Or are you thinking about playing the real estate game for yourself, to make money flipping properties? These are just some of the many reasons it could pay off to attend a Vancouver real estate course […]

How Worried Should You Be Over Your Vancouver Real Estate Exam?

If you want to become a real estate agent in Vancouver, there’s really only one major obstacle in your way: the official Vancouver real estate course, provided by UBC, and the exam at the end. As things currently stand, UBC is the only school allowed to teach real estate in British Columbia or provide the […]