When it comes to getting a real estate license in British Columbia, nothing is more important than passing the licensing exam. It doesn’t matter how well you did on your Vancouver real estate course – there is only one test, provided by one school, and you either pass it or you don’t.

The UBC real estate exam truly makes or breaks your dreams of becoming a real estate agent, and there is no alternative to taking it. At least not in this Province. Nor is the test easy. It has high failure rates, with reports that around 20%-30% of students (at least!) won’t pass each test sitting.

Fortunately, here at Quick Pass Master, we know the UBC test inside and out. Here are a few tips to help you do the test right the first time!

Five Great Tips for Passing the Vancouver Real Estate Course Exam

  • Get plenty of sleep ahead of time

Cramming for tests overnight is never a good idea. Honestly! You’ll do much better with a full night’s sleep, and a good breakfast, before sitting for the test. Try not to stress out, so you can take the test well-rested.

  • Make use of practice tests

The UBC real estate exam is well-known and follows a format which is easy to imitate. There are plenty of practice tests out there, which you can use to benchmark your progress. If you have problems with a particular section on the practice test, you’ll know what to focus your studies on.

  • Answer every question

With the UBC real estate exam, there is no penalty for guessing. Plus, since most of the questions are multiple choice, you can usually scratch off a couple of possible answers through process-of-elimination. Even if you don’t know the answer, you can still tilt the odds in your favor.

  • Do sections out-of-order

You’re given the entire test in one chunk, so you can answer the questions in any order you like. We strongly recommend starting with the sections you are most familiar with. That way, you’ll have all the rest of the test time to do the harder portions.

  • If you finish early, recheck your work

Don’t leave your seat. Go back over the test and double-check your answers. You’ll probably spot one or two mistakes!

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