So, you’ve just passed your UBC real estate course in Vancouver, aced the test, and now you’re officially a real estate agent…  what next?

Passing the UBC exam may have been the biggest single barrier between you and the real estate industry, but what happens next is on you.  You’ll succeed or fail in your new career based on how well you’re able to manage your self-made business.

Fortunately, the team at the Quick Pass Master school are all successful real estate pros, so we’ve got some tips!

Five Ways to Succeed as A Newly Minted Real Estate Agent

  1. Set up a website and social media accounts ASAP

You’ll spend plenty of time “pounding the pavement” as a real estate agent, but these days, much of your advertising is going to be done online.  The very first thing you should do is establish an online presence for yourself.  And keep at it!  You may make more contacts via social media than you do in the real world.

But that said…

  1. Never pass up a chance to network

You should be constantly looking for opportunities to meet other real estate agents, as well as potentially interested buyers.  Never pass up a chance to attend a seminar, trade show, open house, party, etc.  And of course, you want to have your business card on you at all times.

  1. Get their contact info!

Don’t wait for prospective clients to call you – they often won’t.  Whenever you’re working with someone you think is a good lead, do what you can to get their phone number or email address.  Then periodically update them with listings you’ve found that they’ll be interested in.

  1. Occasionally touch base with past clients

Referrals will always be one of your best sources of new leads.  You should reach out to your past clients at least once a year, even if it’s just a virtual Christmas card, to remind them you exist.

  1. Be persistent and resilient 

No one, not even the greatest real estate agent, will ever bat .1000.  Everyone loses out on sales from time to time.  You don’t have to like failure, but you need to accept it will sometimes happen.  Be able to pick yourself up, get over it, and move on to the next prospect.


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