Why Consider a Career as a General Contractor?

If you are looking for both long-term stability and upside potential when selecting a career, you may want to seriously consider working as a general contractor. Here’s why:

  • Strong underlying demand: With housing build being consistent and steady in British Columbia, there is a greater need than ever before for general contractors.
  • Long term need: Regardless of automation and change in technology, the role of general contractors is hard to “automate away” because it requires a lot of project management, organizational and “soft” skills.
  • Substantial Upside: Highly skilled general contractors who can pick up large contracts and business frequently will earn a high income for their efforts. Many general contractors end up owning a large and profitable contracting business.
  • Not about pedigree: Being a successful general contractor is not about pedigree or whether you have a fancy university degree. All you need is to pass the licensing exam, fulfill certain education and work experience requirements as well as licensing requirements.

Basically, if you are driven, dedicated, and focused, you are bound to succeed as a general contractor!

What Exactly is a General Contractor?

General contractors offer oversight of work at building sites, providing guidance for the entire construction process from the initial design phases through the completed project. Job offers in this lucrative field come from several different sources. Many general contractors enjoy the benefits of self-employment as owners of their own firms. However, this line of work is in high demand with offers also coming for regular employment from both individual property owners and development companies. With salaries ranging from $86,000 per year to upwards of $180,000 (source: indeed.ca), it is easy to see that choosing a career as a general contractor is an excellent means to help British Columbia job seekers realize their goals of a consistent income in a field that is stable and in demand.

What is Required to Become a General Contractor?

The first step to becoming a general contractor begins with having a base set of knowledge and skills in the construction trade. Though a bachelor’s degree is not necessary for work within this lucrative field, competent trade experience is an absolute must. Since general contractors are responsible for navigating each step of the building process, a thorough understanding of best construction management practices as well as local by-laws and building processes is necessary.

Further education can be obtained through tradesman’s associations which offer training opportunities to help general contractors remain current on industry best practices, products, and services. These organizations also provide apprenticeship programs where those wishing to acquire a base set of knowledge and skills can enjoy on the job training in a real-world setting. Some colleges also offer two-year programs during which students can learn the construction trade.

To obtain gainful employment as a general contractor in the province of British Columbia, it is necessary to get licensed. This process is multi-pronged, involving 8 separate challenging tests covering a wide breadth of knowledge. Experts recommend allotting one month per chapter of the test to allow for adequate time to absorb all pertinent materials and to be sufficiently prepared to pass the rigorous testing process. However, some students seek assistance through Quick Pass Master’s BC General Contractor Licensing Courses designed for quick and efficient study of course materials with greater results.

What Does a General Contractor Do?

The job of a general contractor is both exciting and challenging. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of a building project, the general contractor’s work begins with the design process. A large part of the job of a general contractor is to organize all of the elements required to complete a project then to supervise all progress.

Ongoing employment is obtained through regular bidding on prospective projects. This is a process that requires careful assessment of all forecasted costs then negotiating to procure the job at the right price point to ensure a profit. Among the factors general contractors must consider when formulating a viable quote include the cost of materials, labour expenses, and safety precautions which must be implemented.

Each component of the construction process involves many different steps with different employees providing each of the necessary services. The general contractor’s role is to carefully supervise each phase of the process to ensure things are completed on time and within budget. This also involves sorting out any problems that arise along the way. With so many moving parts to track on a daily basis, excellent communication skills are an absolute must for the general contractor.

What Services Does a General Contractor Offer?

General contractors are trained to provide many different services to their valued clients. These include:

  • Oversight and control of all expenditures
  • Site planning
  • Basic design
  • Construction methods and materials expertise
  • Potential expense forecasting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Basic accounting knowledge
  • Best practices for safety on construction sites
  • Knowledge of local by-laws, building codes, and building standards
  • Proper inspection protocols

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