Each January, new questions are added to the UBC Real Estate exam question bank. January also marks the beginning of a new edition of the required textbook for the exam. These new questions in conjunction with the latest textbook edition unveiled in January mean that little time is given to review this material before taking the exam in these early winter months. As a result, the passing rate in January and February is the lowest of the entire year!

What are some of the reasons you may struggle to pass the UBC real estate agent exam?

Inadequate preparation/insufficient practice before the exam

One of the most common problems that leads to a failing score is a lack of knowledge in the study material. Many candidates fall short of the required percentage to earn a passing grade. Of the 1000 basic questions, many answer less than 90% of them correctly, revealing a large gap in the base knowledge required to pass the exam.

Lack of knowledge about new test material and required questions

Taking the time to review all new questions and the latest edition of the textbook is critical to achieving a passing score on the UBC real estate exam. Familiarity with the content and how each question will be phrased and should be answered is an essential component of your ultimate success. (Again, if you are taking the test in the beginning of the year, then this is something you need to be aware of.)

Weak comprehension and analysis skills

Since the UBC real estate exam consists of plot-type test questions, a thorough knowledge of this type of questioning is very important. Many students fail the exam because they come to the testing process with only surface knowledge when a search for literal and deeper meanings is required.

Plot-type questions require you understand the scenario, identify what rule(s) is applicable, and apply those rules to get the proper answer. Some questions add further complications by asking what seems to be grey area questions that do not have an obvious answer at first glance.

Poor physical condition

Preparing for the UBC real estate exam is a grueling process, often resulting in many long, sleepless nights and tremendous hard work. However, not properly caring for your health can leave you ill-prepared for the stresses of writing this exam. Lack of sleep, illness, excessive fatigue, and poor nutrition can all play a role in whether or not you pass or fail. Since masks are now required in the examination area, it is vital that you acclimate yourself to this new circumstance. Some students have found the mask distracting and uncomfortable, leading to a lack of focus and poor overall performance.

An important note: It is important for you to bear in mind that all candidates writing the UBC real estate exam are now required to wear a mask in the examination area. This mask can be a big distraction for many candidates, particularly those who wear glasses. Glasses often fog up from breathing while wearing a mask, meaning it is necessary to remove them for cleaning. This time spent cleaning glasses results in less time to work on the exam questions and an interruption to focus. As a result of these new distractions, students that formerly would have scored 90% on the exam may now only receive a much lower grade because of the challenge to maintain proper concentration.

What is the best way to prepare for the 2021 UBC real estate brokerage exam?

During the preparation process, it is important to assess your likeliness to pass the final examination.

If you are only getting 90% of practice test questions correct, then we would recommend you to defer testing until a later period in the year.

Here are some top tips to help you get prepared to ace the UBC real estate exam:

Get expert help

Sometimes the difference between a pass and a fail is getting advice from an expert. Professionals such as Quick Pass Master Course’s Benson Wang have the skills you need to properly prepare you to successfully complete the UBC real estate exam and obtain your license. Mr. Wang possesses the requisite skills to help you learn to make the most of your exam preparation time, assisting you with assimilating the necessary information in the most efficient time manner.

Master each question step by step

Since the number of homework questions to prepare for this exam is both immense and overwhelming, the best approach is to break the work down into types of questions and work on mastering them instead of taking on everything all at once. While you cannot avoid studying and learning the material, the process can be much easier if it is broken up to bite-size pieces. You are much less likely to feel lost.

Pay attention to the differences between UBC Exam Study Guide and textbook content each year

Every year, Quick Pass Master publishes the differences between UBC textbook materials and the UBC exam study guide (1000 practice questions) from year to year. Knowing the differences is important because every year new materials are added and deleted. To effectively study for the exam, you would need to be studying the correct materials.

Strategies for Passing the 2021 UBC Realtor Brokerage Exam

Focus on the material highlights

Since time is short and the competition for a BC real estate license is more intense than ever, it is important to set yourself up for success. Instead of slogging through heavy textbooks on your own, enroll in Quick Pass Master Courses to learn how you can focus on the material highlights to gain the knowledge you need without sacrificing your health, your time, or your sleep.

Chart your course for success

Passing the UBC real estate exam marks only the beginning of your career in this exciting industry. The skills you use to master the course material now are the same skills that will help you to attract and keep a strong client base as a working real estate broker.

Learn to analyze and summarize quickly

Because a key component of passing the exam involves a thorough understanding of both the literal and deeper meanings of the questions, it is important that you learn to analyze and summarize content quickly. Quick Pass Master can help you learn to graphically summarize the key points of the exam in an efficient manner, saving you time and reducing your stress in the process.

Practice makes perfect

Quick Pass Master Courses has prepared a wide sampling of testing materials that include questions similar to what will be found on the actual exam. This system also includes simulation questions and their answers and simulation tests. This allows you to learn from your mistakes as well as to familiarize yourself with the regular exam content and pattern of questions you can expect to see on the exam. Through regular practice, you can learn to master the material in a manner that is efficient, and most importantly, correct!

What’s Next?

According to the 2021 Greater Vancouver real estate sales records released by the Real Estate Board, the number of homes sold in January 2021 has risen by 52.1% compared to last year. With sales at an all time high in the region, it is safe to say that there are a large number of customers in the market for their next house. Quick Pass Master can get you out of the study hall and into the real estate market. Your career as a licensed real estate agent is just a phone call away with Quick Pass Master!