March 20, 2018 – Vancouver, BC There are many issues with real estate in Vancouver which are eroding public faith in the market, but one school is looking to be a force of change: Quick Pass Master.

The Vancouver housing market has been under intense scrutiny lately, due to problematic practices among some agents. Many believe that foreign over-investment is driving up property values. Another issue is the practice of “shadow flipping,” in which a agent oversees the sale of a property through multiple buyers in quick succession, each with a higher price tag but without adding to the property’s real-world value with upgrades. These practices, among others, are seen as creating a situation where Vancouver’s housing market is inflated and unaffordable.

The experts at Quick Pass Master believe much of this is down to training. Only UBC offers the real estate exam in Vancouver acting as the gateway to all licensing, however this is a very lengthy course through Sauder. So Quick Pass Master offers more timely training and teaches the students “Street knowledge” of what it is to be in the profession and what practices enhance the longevity of the industry in Vancouver and what does not.

Quick Pass Master students learn their skills from professionals in the industry while becoming well-informed on the ethics and morals of realty practice. The result is a better kind of realty school and better real estate agents.

About Quick Pass Master

It is easy to say that Quick Pass Master was founded to help students quickly pass their UBC real estate exam in Vancouver since that is the service they provide. However, when real estate professional Benson Wang founded Quick Pass Master, he was not only thinking about it as a school training people on a student-by-student basis. He was thinking about improving the field of realty in Vancouver. By offering a better, more comprehensive form of realty training, Quick Pass Master is helping create the best possible new generation of Vancouver agents.

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