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Pass Your UBC Real Estate Licensing Test in Vancouver With These Study Tips!

When you’re taking your real estate course in Vancouver, undoubtedly there will only be one thing on your mind: passing the final exam.  Unless you can pass the official UBC real estate licensing test, you don’t get to become a real estate agent.

The test is tough, to be sure, but it is absolutely passable.  In fact, the students of our Vancouver real estate course have a 95%+ pass rate!  The trick isn’t merely to study and do your homework but to know how to best prepare for the test.  Here are some of the tricks we teach our own students.

5 Tips to Help Prepare for Your UBC Real Estate Exam in Vancouver

  • Study hard parts in the morning

Studies have shown that people are at peak mental capacity around 2-4 hours after they wake up.  That means you should be trying to study in the morning, particularly parts you find difficult – like the math.  If you wait and study in the evening, you’re going to be tired and distracted from your day.  It won’t be an effective use of time.

  • Plan future studies in the evening

Studying in the evening is a bad idea, but it’s a perfect time for planning!  Use your evenings to make study charts or plan your schedules for the days to come to optimize your study time.

  • Have a routine

Don’t simply study “when you feel like it,” because chances are, you won’t feel like it.  Block off time every day (or at least every weekday) for studying and preparing for your Vancouver real estate course.  Make it part of your daily routine, until you pass your test!

  • Take a practice test early on

There are plenty of practice tests available which closely mimic the final exam.  Most people wait until near test day to take one, but you don’t have to.  If you take a practice exam early, before learning the material, that will tell you what you should be focusing on in your studies.

  • Take care of your body

If your body is weak, your mind and spirit will follow.  Never let your studies interfere with healthy eating and personal fitness.  If your body is healthy, you’ll be in a much better position to learn and take your tests.

Quick Pass Master

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