If you’re wanting to study for the UBC real estate course exam in Vancouver, that means one thing: you want to become a real estate agent, but there’s a big test standing between you and your goal.  As UBC is the only place one can write the Real Estate Council of British Columbia exam, there’s simply no choice. You must pass their test by answering the BC real estate exam questions effectively, or else you don’t complete the real estate course.

At Quick Pass Master, we put plenty of emphasis on the final exam, and we do everything we can to help you succeed.  In fact, we have a 95% pass rate among our students! Part of it is simply knowing the material, but we also have a lot of smart tips for how to increase your chances of passing. Better yet, you can be prepared in as little as 4 – 8 weeks to write the exam.

Four Master Tips for Passing Your UBC Real Estate Course Exam in Vancouver

  1. Take practice tests early, and often.

There are plenty of practice tests modeled on the actual test, so take advantage of this great coaching tool!  In fact, we recommend students take a practice test early on -even before they’ve completed most of their classes- specifically because it will tell them which areas to focus on in their studies.

  1. When in doubt, guess.

Unlike some other standardized tests, there’s no specific penalty for guessing.  Leaving a question unanswered guarantees that you will get it wrong, so any guess is better than none.  (Plus, your gut instinct when guessing is often correct!)

  1. Don’t necessarily take the test in order

There are several portions to the UBC exam, including knowledge tests, a mathematics portion, and a long-form essay.  You are free to tackle these in any order you like!  We recommend starting with the material you are most familiar with, so you can get through the easy stuff.  Then save the hardest sections for last.

  1. Stay in your seat through the entire test

If you finish early, there’s always the temptation to hand in the test and walk out ahead of schedule.  However, this is a poor idea and an unwise waste of resources.  Take the extra time to go back over the test, recheck your answers, and make sure you didn’t make any unintentional errors.

Get Your Real Estate License FAST with Quick Pass Master

The Quick Pass Master school is all about compressing the UBC Sauder course materials into easily-digestible chunks that take weeks, rather than months to learn. You will be well-prepared for the BC real estate exam questions.