If you’re taking the official UBC real estate course in Vancouver, so you can become a real estate agent in British Columbia, you know the course is not easy. It’s difficult, and plenty of people fail the class every year. You want to utilize smart studying habits if you’re going to succeed quickly and economically!

Here are a few tips on making the UBC course a bit less difficult.

Four Ways to Effectively Study for The UBC Real Estate Course

  • Mark the most important parts of each chapter

With 26 chapters to get through, the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course Manual is a real bear – and you’ll be tested on elements from every chapter. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, when the final exam “only” has 100 questions, that actually means a lot of information in the book won’t be on the test. Look for key concepts, critical formulas, and other “high level” material that’s likely to be tested.

We suggest using sticky markers and page tabs, rather than marking up the book itself, but go with whatever method works for you.

  • Don’t put off the homework

Yes, homework is dreary. However, doing it in close proximity to your main textbook learning is going to help reinforce the lessons. If you wait too long to do the homework, you’ll have already forgotten half the material needed to get the work done.

If you get in the habit of waiting until the due date to do your homework, you’re going to be making your life much more difficult.

  • Know yourself

Do some self-evaluation. What parts of the material do you already know, and which do you struggle with? This should be what guides your studying. If you know what parts of the book give you trouble, you can focus on those while spending less time on the elements you already understand.

  • Never cram

This is true of any class, and it definitely applies to the UBC real estate course: cramming is a terrible way to learn. You don’t even really learn the material – it all stays in your short-term memory, rather than being committed to long-term memory. Even if you pass the test, you’ll forget the material within a week.

Quick Pass Master Makes Your Real Estate Course Easier

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