One of the greatest benefits of a career as a general contractor is the diversity of work projects. General contractors bid on a variety of different builds and renovation jobs, enabling them to apply their skills to an array of unique construction-related tasks. The daily challenge of working on differing projects helps to maintain interest level for those who enjoy change. A career path that provides a consistent and prosperous income, work as a general contractor allows job seekers to experience the benefits of self-employment, including the opportunity to hand select the projects they bid on. This important concept allows general contractors to offer their services to a wide expanse of companies from diverse backgrounds. What types of projects do general contractors do?

Typical Projects for General Contractors

Though general contractors can specialize in a specific sector of the construction trade, many prefer the diversity of working across the spectrum of jobs available on the market at any given time. The role of the general contractor is to provide oversight of all contracted builds or renovation projects. This includes the management of all sub-contractors hired to provide each aspect of the work.

Among the types of projects general contractors facilitate are:

  • Residential building projects
  • Commercial building projects
  • Single detached houses
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Multi-family housing complexes
  • Condominium builds
  • Home renovations projects
  • Commercial building renovations

Regardless of the type of project, the general contractor’s work remains essentially the same. As overseer of all aspects of the job, the general contractor must not only orchestrate all key components required for a project, the person must also obtain all necessary permits and ensure all safety regulations are carefully complied with.

With a General Contractor license in BC, you will be able to work on any types of projects described above.

Though the general contractor does not do the actual building or renovating of a space, their expertise forms an integral part of the job. The general contractor excels at both time and project management to ensure that each job is completed on time and within budget. Since an important component of the general contractor’s position is a deep familiarity with construction materials and processes, the job also entails the ability to understand the ins and outs of how long each segment should take and what inefficiencies may be occurring and why.

Types of Companies General Contractors Work For

Many general contractors are self-employed, giving them the flexibility to place bids with a wide variety of different organizations. This provides a greater source of income as well as job security since the contractor’s services remain in high demand from diverse sources.

Among the organizations general contractors often work for are:

  • Large construction companies
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Individual property owners
  • Housing developers
  • Government agencies
  • Interior and exterior design firms
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Commercial real estate development corporations
  • Hotel, restaurant, or resort chains

A good working relationship with each employer can help yield future offers of employment for the general contractor, particularly if a job comes in under budget and the client is pleased with the work. This type of working relationship benefits both the employer and the employee as the contractor is highly motivated to keep each subcontractor on task and within their financial remit while the employer has the peace of mind that each aspect of their build or renovation is securely under control in the hands of their general contractor.

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